For all people, a move is always a stressful event. You have to think carefully about how to organize it. With this article, we would like to prepare you for a successful long-distance move. With good preparation, you can avoid risks and bad surprises. Almost every moving company offers to move long distances. But how can one orientate oneself in the great variety of moving companies? A successful long-distance move will be possible for you with the help of our tips.

Moving long distance with a local moving company

Moving long distance with moving companies in Ottawa is the best idea. Notify them 6 to 8 weeks before your relocation. Explain to them your wishes.  Organize with the company to visit the premises. A moving consultant will arrive at your home on the agreed date and inspect the household goods with you. After the inspection, the individual scope of services will be agreed upon. It is important to take a close look because a cost estimate should necessarily include all costs incurred. Only when this is given, the incoming offers can be compared with each other. With the right moving company, you will have a much easier long-distance move.

Early planning and research is essential for a successful long-distance move

There can be a wide variety of reasons which may result in a move over a greater distance. Therefore it is important to plan an upcoming long-distance move as well as possible in order to implement it without problems. Whatever the reasons for your move: a new city means a completely new beginning. The earlier you plan and research your future location, the better your chances of a successful long-distance move. Thanks to the Internet, you can now find almost all the information you need online. Think carefully about what you need to know about the new circumstances. A move always requires a thousand little things. With a moving checklist, you can keep track of everything. Find out what you have to do. 

Woman thinking
Do your research so you can have a successful long-distance move!

Where can you find a moving company that will organize your long-distance move

It is very important that you ask several moving companies for offers. Ask for quotations. This will help you plan your budget better. Look for moving companies Gatineau. You can check them better – you can do that here with us. If you are planning a long-distance move ask the company in question if they can help you with your long-distance move. Read moving reviews from real customers of this company. This will ensure that the company in question is reputable and can help you with your long-distance move. It is very important that the company is licensed. In this way, you build up more trust in the removal company.

Road in city during sunset is great to watch while long distance move
A successful long-distance move can be done with a reliable moving company

Hidden costs of moving long-distance

Everyone wants a cheap move and of course a professional service to go with it. Take your time and fill out a free, non-binding relocation form. You will receive several offers right after that, which you can review at your leisure. Compare all offers and select the most cost-effective option. Please note: Not always the cheapest offers are the best. The final price is important. Check everything down to the smallest detail and only then will you decide on a quote. In particular, you should not blindly trust oral promises, but have them confirmed in writing.

Pay attention to safety during transport 

While on shorter distances, the packing and wrapping of furniture and other objects are often somewhat neglected. This point should definitely be taken into account, especially for longer distances. It can be expected that the distance to be covered will certainly be driven on motorways so that higher speeds can be reached compared to moving in town. Pieces of furniture with glass inserts, for example, should be packed very well. This also applies, of course, to crockery and other fragile items. It should be ensured that the route from the house to the transporter and from this vehicle back to the new house or apartment can be safely covered. Safety during transport must be a priority.

empty apartment with packed carton boxes before moving
It is important to secure the individual items not only during transport.

Consider the most common reasons that can increase prices during the long-distance move:

Packing service: The packing work and packing materials must usually be included in the final cost of the quote prepared for you, which is not always the case. To avoid unexpected unpleasant surprises, you should carefully read your contract and all other documents before you agree to the terms of the contract by signing it.

Additional charges for bulky items: Moving bulky furniture can be challenging. If on the day you move, some of your household items appear larger and heavier than they were previously estimated, you may have to pay extra for the excess weight. If you are aware of this in advance, you have a better chance of detecting hidden costs in time. The assessment on-site is much better. This way the removal consultant can correctly estimate and better calculate all your belongings. However, if at a later date you want to move other pieces of furniture which the removal consultant had not seen, it is better to inform the company in question in good time. You will have to pay more on the day of the move if you forget to inform them.

More costs for carrying the belongings: The moving company may charge more money if for some reason it’s not possible to park the removal van right outside the front door. Finding a parking space in the larger cities is a real challenge. Do not leave it for the last moment. If you do not want to have any trouble with the authorities on the day of the move, you first need an official permit to set up a no-parking zone. 

We hope that this will help you prepare better and that you will have a successful long-distance move.