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Before you start your relocation, you think that finding that perfect apartment ended the whole stress you have to go through. But even if you hired the best residential movers Ottawa – it’s time for packing and moving. So, to ease all that stress from you we came up with not one, but 7 ideas for making moving day easier! Read on and move safely.

Here are 7 ideas for making moving day easier

When moving, you need to think of a number of things. From the basics like, to bring everything with you, to the one, perhaps more important, to bring all those things unbroken, undamaged… Or in the state they were before they were packed. Or you may not be able to move on the exact date you planned. In this case, you may need to check some of the storage services in Ottawa.

house - ideas for making moving day easier!
To ease all that moving stress from you we came up with not one, but 7 ideas for making moving day easier!

So, if you are one of those people who leave everything for the last minute, both because of your tight schedule and because you are not aware of the little things that can make you lose valuable time, we suggest you read this text. Our experience in working in a moving industry thought us many things so we bring some of our best tips on the table. And we promise, our 7 ideas for making moving day easier will save you time and money… Plus keep your furniture and wardrobe in one piece. So, let’s start!

1. Label your boxes – but for real this time

Ok, we are not really reinventing the wheel here, but proper box labeling is certainly one idea that will make you moving day easier. This means that besides labeling what’s in each box, you can use colors to separate items for different rooms. For example, the kitchen can be red, bathroom labels can be blue, bedroom can be… You get the point, right?

Besides proper labeling, be sure to highlight some of your boxes. We know that packing is not always fun – in fact, it rarely is. It’s the same with unpacking. So make your job easier by highlighting what’s in the important box in bright colors. In this way, if you need something urgently, you won’t have to open every packaged box in a row.

2. Take pictures of the cables – or anything else for that matter

Before you pull all the cables out of your computer or any other electronic device, take a photo. To experts, this may sound ridiculous, but for someone who is moving and has a lot on their mind besides cables, this will save both time and nerves.

We know that packing is not always fun – in fact, it rarely is.

The same goes for taking photos of your rooms or souvenir shelf. You may not remember how things were in your old place and this may upset you. Taking photos of your rooms and details requires just a second, and it can save you from the nerve-wracking experience later on.

3. Put your jewelry in egg cardboard boxes – yes, you read that right

No matter if you’re moving locally in Ottawa or anywhere abroad, you need to keep your belongings safe. In this way, you can use this trick when traveling or moving, and it is definitely the cheapest way to protect your jewelry from cracking or breaking. Run your jewelry through both sides of a roll of toilet paper. In this way, you are safe from the mess of tangled jewelry. Another way to keep all jewelry in one place is to arrange small pieces of jewelry such as rings, earrings, and bracelets in egg cartons and glue them after closing.

4. Make an X on your glass surfaces

One of the ideas that will make your moving day easier is to use the adhesive tape and make a big X on your mirrors and glass surfaces. This will not protect them 100% from shattering, but if they do break, it will soften the impact and keep the glass in the frame.

5. Create the Box – the first-night lifesaver

There’s a big chance that you won’t be able to unpack all the stuff right after you move. So select and label one box for your first night. Or better still – carry it with you in the car if you move the rest of your stuff with a truck. What’s in this special box? Well, think about the things you need first and put them in the box. These can be items such as your toothbrush and shampoo but also more important items such as your documents and your money.

Make a plan and select and label one box for your first night.

6. Let heavy things roll

Extremely heavy stuff like books always need to be at the bottom of your moving boxes. Or even better, pack it in suitcases that have wheels. In this way, you will avoid unnecessary towing and simply drag them from the desired place to your car or moving truck. Of course, always remember to fill in the holes with soft things. Put baby stuffed toys, pillows and blankets together in one bag and use them as a setting to put fragile and delicate items on it. Also, use them to fill in the gaps between things so they don’t move along the way.

7. Use everything you got

When you move, you need to take advantage of your creativity to the fullest. Use your kitchen gloves to hold your knives securely, put socks inside your shoes and boots, and cleverly use the inside of your washing machine to fill the empty space with some items. Also, you can protect your glasses by wrapping them in socks.

In the end, we hope we gave you some ideas for making moving day easier! But the best idea is to know the moving rate in advance, so check our free estimate. And remember – the smartest move in relocation is to plan ahead.