Are you looking for tips on arranging your furniture after moving? You’re at the right place! Whether you plan on hiring residential movers or doing it alone, there are a few things that you should be aware of when you’re arranging your furniture after moving. Naturally, we prepare everything in advance. However, this is something that might prove tricky if you don’t live close to the home you’re moving to. Imagining the space and how your furniture will fit it can be exhausting. It’s a task that architects train for, for years. That’s why we’ve prepared a few tips and tricks! We’ll help you arrange your furniture and be satisfied with your new home!

Compare the blueprints when arranging your furniture after moving

The first step to arranging your furniture after moving is to get the blueprints of both spaces. A blueprint is a sketch of the dimensions of the space, and sometimes, the furniture is included. If it’s not – that’s fine. If you don’t have a blueprint, you can also make it! You’ll use your old space’s blueprint as the reference point for whether your furniture will fit nicely. You can do this by printing blueprints on transparent sheets and overlapping them. furniture moving ottawaYou can, and should, measure your furniture. See which rooms are smaller, and what will possibly take too much room. 

Arranging your furniture after moving can lead to a few conclusions:

  • I have enough space for my furniture, but it doesn’t fit the space. 

In this case, you should aim to sell your current items before you relocate. Why waste money transporting something you don’t like? Heavy and bulky furniture pieces are the ones that movers usually charge the most for! Don’t let this be the source of your financial hardships. When you sell the furniture you don’t need, you can use the money to pay, at least partially, for the new one. 

  • I don’t have enough space for my furniture at all

If this is your case, you’ll need to think about the functionality of your new home. Selling your current furniture and buying a more fitting one is also an okay option. The good news is that selling items online these days is an amazing opportunity.

  • I don’t have enough furniture, and need more of it!  

If this is the case, you can decide to go with your current home aesthetics. If you dislike it, you already know that you should sell big and bulky furniture pieces to avoid unnecessary relocation expenses.

Arrange your furniture in advance

You should aim to know your furniture arrangement before you move. If that’s possible, then let’s get to work! When you’ve prepared all the furniture, it’s time to decide on the place of each furniture piece. Think about the functionality of the room, whether the placement is dangerous for your kids or pets, whether it’s practical, etc. When you have an idea in mind, make the layout. It probably won’t work out the first time. Don’t give up! You can take the transparent sheets and draw on them. That way, you can use the blueprint and outline the rooms. Draw the furniture inside. Measure it, and see if it fits. If you end up having several ideas for your new space – that’s also amazing. 

Empty Room

Make space for the furniture

When you’re arranging your furniture after moving, you have to clean the space and make room for furniture. It’s not the favorite activity of almost any human being, but it’s necessary. After you move, it’s possible that you can ask the movers to help you. If you didn’t know that or don’t want to use their services – that’s fine as well. Numerous moving services in Ottawa will gladly jump in and give you a hand! Ring up some friends and family members to help you with all the heavy lifting. When you’re relocating, heavy lifting is unavoidable. It’s easier to do it when you have someone who can help you. You want to avoid injuring yourself during the relocation. Make the space for the furniture by grouping all the boxes and items in several rooms, which will leave the target room clear. After that, clean it as much as you can, but be aware that it will probably get dirty again quite soon. 

If you’re doing it alone, use the proper tools

Don’t forget to use the proper tools for arranging the furniture. If you don’t want to hire any of the moving companies in Ottawa, you don’t have to have a hard time because of that. To make your arranging furniture process easier, simply try to utilize the proper tools. Some of the tools that might help you are moving pads and blankets. Moreover, you can turn to several apps and furniture organizers that are available online for free. They’ll help you make the plan and put it in motion. 

2 Movers moving a furniture

Get the help of professionals with arranging your furniture after moving

In the end, arranging your furniture after moving can be exhausting. Did you know that many moving companies offer the service of bringing in the furniture in your home, and they’ll place it exactly where you want? That’s one of the main reasons why arranging your furniture after moving is something that you should pay attention to before you move. In relocation, planning is half the job. Everything that can be done in advance, should be done in advance. Even if you end up disliking the furniture arrangements, it’s not the end. You can dial the moving company to help you with all the heavy lifting that needs to be done. There’s no reason to hesitate – give us a call and book our trained, professional movers today