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The 21 century brought with it a lot of innovations that make older generations struggle to keep up. But not the people born to it. Truly the Millennials are a new breed of humanity. Their connection to technology deeply influences their day to day lives. To us mere mortals, they almost look like magicians when they showcase their skills with gadgets. Because they have become an inseparable part of their daily lives. However, this is not a negative thing nor a flaw. What it gives them is the ability to work anywhere in the world. For they are not bound like their predecessors to an office. Indeed, a lot of professional movers Ottawa have seen an influx of young people to Canada. Not only from the USA but from all over the world. So what are some of the best Canada cities for millennials?

a large historical building with a tower
The top pic for millennials in Canada is the city of Ottawa

Top cities in Canada that attract millennials

After graduation, it is time to look for a job. And the best part of today’s world is the freedom to choose where that will be. All thanks to technology and the door it has opened for the development of remote work. And Canada is at the top as the most sought after country for the millennials to live. But before you contact moving companies Gatineau, you should know what your choices are. To help you choose, we have compiled a list that will help you in your search.

Ottawa is one of the best cities in Canada for millennials

Ottawa is the capital city of Canada. It is considered a quieter place than the other cities on the list. But what makes it attractive is a stable economy. Public transportation is one of its many highlights. For it is reliable and affordable. So if you wish to save money by avoiding owning a car, do not worry. The public transportation is well connected to all parts of the city. Equally important quality is very good healthcare and low taxes. In fact, it is one of the reasons why so many people decide to move long-distance to Canada. Likewise, the nightlife is rich but milder than in other cities. But not to worry, it has a great number of restaurants where you can try foods from all over the world.

City of Toronto
Toronto is one of the best Canada cities for millennials

Montreal is a city where millennials will never get bored

The top place for millennials in Canada is Montreal. Day or night, this city is teeming with life. Unlike Ottawa, transportation is not its best attribute. But compared to others, it is the most bike-friendly city in Canada. Which makes it clean and safe. Also, housing is very affordable, but space is scarce. So be prepared to look longer if you enjoy bigger apartments. On other hand, you can always invest in a good storage unit. That way you’ll free up some space in your flat. But what attracts people from all over the world is its large cultural scene. Montreal is home to the biggest jazz festival in the world. So prepare to immerse yourself in music, art, theatre, and vibrant nightlife.

The city of Toronto is a magnet for millennials

The best place in Canada for millennials from all over the world is Toronto. With its largely younger population, it is no wonder that it has the most emerging startups. Indeed it is a modern city that understands the value of diversity and education. In fact, it has some of the best universities in Canada. Unfortunately, public transportation is not the best. So be prepared for longer commutes. Also, be ready for some awesome food. The locals understand the value of a good meal. And as such, they have put a lot of effort into making food available at every corner. So have a walk around and discover one of its many food trucks. And if you love the more intimate indoor setting, there are many restaurants with good quality food.

a row of houses
The quiet city of Richmond High is perfect for starting a family

Richmond Hill is a city of education

40 minutes from Toronto is Richmond Hill. If you are looking for a place where you can start a family, this is the right city for you. The houses here are big, and they even come with a sizable yard. But that is not what makes this place unique. It has a vast number of graduates in science and engineering. It is a home of exploration, education, and innovation. The university feel makes it safe and affordable for living. And unlike Canada’s other cities, Richmond is not too crowded. So if you prefer a quiet and peaceful lifestyle, Richmond is the perfect city for you.

Canada is heaven for Millennials

There are many more cities suited for a modern lifestyle. But of all mentioned above, Toronto is one best Canada cities for millennials. Whatever you decide, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Firstly, how affordable is the city. For example, before moving, explore the housing prices. Also, healthcare and safety should be the number one priority. If you are conscious of the environment, choose a bicycle-friendly place. But if you love more to go out and have fun, the bigger cities offer more. There the nightlife is vibrant, and there are a lot of options when going out. No matter the weather, there is always something to do and new places to explore. So do not be afraid of the cold, Canada is a place where your new life is about to start.