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For residents of Ottawa, the city is an exciting place to live and work. The capital of Canada is booming, and it is a great place if you are a young specialist. But what if you have a family or want to have one? Finding your dream home in an area that meets your family’s needs can be challenging. Many potential considerations will affect the area in which you decide to live – from daily commuting to the proximity of child-friendly restaurants. Fortunately, there is no need to make big sacrifices when moving with Ottawa movers. Some of the finest neighborhoods in Ottawa for families with children are also some of Canada’s finest neighborhoods. Although there is no shortage of options, we believe that the communities in the Ottawa region are distinguished by the quality of life that they offer when you consider buying a home.

So, what are the best neighborhoods in Ottawa for families with children

1. Kanata

Located west of the city center, Kanata is one of Ottawa’s fastest-growing suburbs and such a great place to live. Kanata has more affordable housing than in some central areas of the city. For families with an active lifestyle, Kanata Recreation Complex has toboggan and ice rinks. You can also test your mini golf skills at the Blackbird Falls Putting Course. When it comes to entertainment, you and the children will enjoy the Senators games – and some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry – at the Canadian Tire Centre. Call Kanata movers and relocate to this part of Ottawa.

Hockey sticks
If you move to Kanata, you will be able to watch great hockey live

2. Westboro

No list of best neighborhoods in Ottawa for families with children would be complete without Westboro. The community is a short drive from the city center, and there are many beautiful houses of the early twentieth century. It is an almost real urban village with nearly 200 shops and restaurants. Family restaurants include The Works (a favorite hamburger chain) and Napoli’s, a popular destination for Italian cuisine. More health-conscious parents will enjoy Pure Kitchen and The Table, which offer creative vegan dishes that appeal to both children and adults.

Outdoor families will appreciate Mountain Equipment Co-Op, which has a huge selection of hiking and sports equipment. From stunning residential streets to trendy Wellington strip, Westboro really has it all and can be the perfect place for your family. Think no more, take moving services Ottawa and move to the capital of Canada.

3. Orleans

Reasonable housing prices make Orleans an attractive area for new homeowners and young families. But this fast-growing suburb has much more than affordability. Some of the region’s biggest attractions are its many bike paths, beaches, and green spaces. Orleans is truly a great place to go out and enjoy nature with children – whether it’s a bike, a picnic, or winter fun. Be sure to take a trip to Innes Road to visit soccer fields and play structures at Millennium Park.

4. Glebe

Glebe is one of Ottawa’s oldest suburbs, so it is not surprising that its tree-lined streets abound in character. Like Westboro, this bustling urban area offers a strong sense of community. Friendly residents and an abundance of young families make Gleb an excellent place for raising children. If you need evidence of the friendliness of this area, you should not look further than the Great Glebe Garage Sale – an annual event similar to a massive block party.

5. Alta Vista

Alta Vista is a predominantly residential area in southern Ottawa with many primary and secondary schools, churches, community centers, and parks. It was developed in the sixties as the main family district of Ottawa, and this is the norm, not the exception, to know everyone who lives next to you in this close-knit community. If you move to Alta Vista, you will most certainly not have to worry about making friends in a new city, they will already be there!

Neighbors on porch
Friendliness is what makes Alta Vista one of the best neighborhoods in Ottawa for families with children

6. Bridlewood – Emerald Meadows

This is a really cute and unique area! You will find young, growing families here. Since this is a relatively new area (most homes are under 25 years old), homes are usually in good condition. Similarly, residents of the Bridlewood – Emerald Meadow are healthier than most of the city. If there weren’t traffic problems, this area would probably have taken a higher place. But Ottawa is currently working on a plan to reduce traffic problems in Bridlewood.

7. Island Park

Island Park is a beautiful area with mature trees and luxurious homes. At the southern end of the Island Park is a beautiful Experimental Farm. At the northern end is the Ottawa River Boulevard and the Champlain Bridge, which connects with Quebec. Residents of Island Park are well educated, with an average household income of $117,873. There are several kilometers of scenic walking and cycling paths in the area. While many homes are older and in need of renovation, the overall impression of Island Park is elegance and class.

8. Orleans Village-Chateauneuf

You will find Orleans Village-Chateauneuf located between St. Joseph Boulevard and Innes Rd. in eastern Ottawa. The Orleans Village-Chateauneuf community is vibrant and ethnically diverse. This neighborhood is one of the best neighborhoods in Ottawa for families with children because of the low crime rate, low unemployment, and affordable housing. Residents in this area are generally well educated and have an average household income of $98,000, which is higher than the Ottawa average.

9. Hunt Club

The Hunt Club is a well-known suburb in southern Ottawa, not far from the airport. One of the advantages of this area is its diversity, in which residents of different ethnic groups live, and housing varies from co-ops (which have their own community centers and entertainment venues) to single-family luxury homes.

10. Centrepointe

Centrepointe is a district at the western end of Ottawa, in the former city of Nepean. This community suitable for children has one of the city’s largest parks, baseball diamonds, soccer fields, basketball courts, a skate park, and a popular splash pad.

Kids on an ice rink
In winter, Centrepointe Park boasts an outdoor ice rink

Ottawa is a great city for raising children. It has a lot of parks and sports fields, as well as good schools. And if you choose one of these neighborhoods in Ottawa for families with children, you can be sure that your kids will live in a safe and fun environment.