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How to Organize A Garage Sale In Gatineau

It is not easy to organize a garage sale in Gatineau, but you can learn basic rules. You should organize it before hiring movers Gatineau and end with that before packing starts. In that way, you will save time on packing, and get rid of stuff you do not need. Also, selling the stuff before […]

Best house remodeling trends in 2020

If you are thinking about having your home remodeled, you may have a hard time deciding what to do and how to do it. Luckily, we are here to give you a helping hand. This means that we are going to let you know what are house remodeling trends in 2020. You have nothing to […]

Tips on cleaning your new house after moving

Moving to a new house is challenging, but it also offers a host of new possibilities. Unfortunately, before you can start to enjoy your home, you need to clean it first. Don’t worry, it will only take a day or two, so it won’t derail your plans too much. Cleaning your new house after moving […]

How to settle after moving to Kanata

So, you have finished your move and are now wondering how to settle after moving to Kanata? Don’t worry, the hardest part is over and Kanata is a lovely place to live in! You should have no problem getting used to your new surroundings and making them a home. There are still some things you need […]

3 Reasons To Move To Gatineau

If you and your family decided to move to Gatineau with Discount Moving and Storage Ottawa, then you made a good decision. There are numerous reasons to move to Gatineau. We will give you only the three biggest ones. What do we know about Gatineau? Gatineau Quebec is a city in western Quebec. In terms […]

Tips to help your pet adjust to a new home

Moving is maybe one of the most stressful situations in a person’s life. And when it comes to our pets, the situation is even worse. In all the chaos that happens during the preparations for moving, your pet can become completely confused. It does not understand why all those boxes, bags, and other things are […]

Best housing opportunities around Ottawa

Moving to Ottawa is going to be an amazing experience for you. Once you get here, you will love everything around you- nature, people that you share your city with, your new home and job.  But, first, you need to pack and move here. Making sure that you are aware of what are the best […]

Guide to organizing your new garage

There are not many tasks around the home that will be as challenging as organizing your new garage. The reason for that is simple – just take a look at your garage. Chances are that you are going to see some serious clutter piled up all over the place. That’s something our residential movers Ottawa […]