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Tips & Tricks For Moving To A Studio Apartment

Are you moving to a studio apartment soon, but you’re not quite sure what to do with your items? Maybe you’re confused as to how your furniture will pass through the narrow hallways. Don’t worry – Moving and Storage Ottawa is here to help you navigate the transition. Downsizing always seems restricting and stressful, but […]

Find the best movers Ottawa to Toronto | Discount Moving and Storage

Are you planning on moving from Ottawa to Toronto in the near future? If so, you must be on the lookout for the best movers from Ottawa to Toronto. Moving long-distance is never easy, which is why reliable, quality movers are a must. Discount Moving Ottawa is here to help you find the best movers […]

Moving Electronic Devices: Dos and Don’ts

Moving electronic devices requires a bit more preparation than when you are moving other items. They are expensive, contain valuable information, and can easily get damaged. Just to be on the safe side, consider getting them insured. Long distance movers Ottawa has many great offers to keep your electronics safe during a long move. You will have […]

How To Reuse Your Moving Supplies

After you have completed the move, placed your furniture and other items where they need to go, you may think that your task is done; unfortunately, this is not the case. You still need to unpack and then figure out what to do with the boxes and other supplies you used for packaging your belongings. […]

Things to do for fun in Ottawa this fall

As Canada’s capital, Ottawa is the perfect place to collect new experiences and to make new memories. Ottawa is a very green city, you can find a lot of green spots in the city center as well. Taking an eco-friendly electric boat cruise on the Rideau Canal is more than fun and you will leave […]

5 secrets of a successful long-distance move

For all people, a move is always a stressful event. You have to think carefully about how to organize it. With this article, we would like to prepare you for a successful long-distance move. With good preparation, you can avoid risks and bad surprises. Almost every moving company offers to move long distances. But how […]

5 steps to a successful household move

There are many things to consider when moving. The key to a successful household move is timely preparation, taking into account any problems that may arise. This ensures that nothing really goes wrong and the move goes smoothly. Therefore, an early organization is essential. The success of the move stands and falls with the preparation […]

How to get ready for moving to Stittsville

The key to a perfect move is knowing how to properly prepare for a move. With good preparation and organization, stress and concerns will no longer be something to think of during your move. Every move is above all an organizational challenge. You must remember that moving is not just about packing up all your […]

Moving bulky pieces of furniture: tips and tricks

Moving bulky pieces of furniture is an important part when it comes to your move and it is perhaps the biggest challenge! This whole process should be very well planned and in detail organized. You need to be very careful and Ottawa moving company can help you so you can be at ease.  One wrong […]

How to clean out the kitchen for relocation

Look at your kitchen. This is probably where you and your family leave mail, backpacks, and briefcases. Worktops can be clogged with appliances and electronics. And moving all those items with Discount Moving and Storage Ottawa is not a very smart idea. You should consider getting rid of some things. It is a huge task […]