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The checklist is a great helper and guide for those who are moving. In the confusion and stress of moving, it can help you to avoid the mistakes that people make when moving. That is why we have compiled a checklist for you, which you can use one month before your moving day. The organization is important if you want to approach a move stress-free. That is exactly the power of the checklist. It doesn’t matter if you are relocating a few streets away or to another state, alone or with children or with pets. Planning is a key success factor for any type of move. Call Ottawa movers and they can help you set priorities and avoid panic and stress when moving day comes.

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During this period, before moving, get boxes for moving and all other necessary materials, such as plastic wrap, and duct tape. packing paper, furniture pads, etc. If you do not leave everything for the last day and start one month before moving, you will be packing in peace. It takes about 30 boxes per person, but that also depends on how many things you own. You also need to consider special boxes for your plants and electrical appliances. Quality boxes can be provided by professional movers in Ottawa. Mark the boxes to know which room belongs in the house, whether in the bedroom or the kitchen. This will help you to avoid chaos when moving in.

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With a quality one month before your moving day checklist, you will achieve all the necessary tasks before the day of a move.

Start packing the first boxes

You can start packing the first boxes a month before moving. Start with things you certainly won’t need for a month like seasonal clothes and shoes. Also pack books, home appliances that you rarely use, picture albums, souvenirs, and other items that you rarely need. As we said, you can also get moving boxes from a moving company. You can rent or buy them. It is never too early to pick up moving boxes. It will also help you calculate your relocation costs with the help of moving services in Ottawa. If you declutter before relocating, you will need fewer moving boxes.

Make an inventory list

At this point, it is also an ideal time to make an inventory list next to the checklist. The inventory list should be divided into two categories. The first category should contain the things you want to bring with you into your new place of residence. The second category should consist of things that you plan to sell, give away, or store. With such a list, the packaging is easier and unpacking and cleaning are faster done. Also, this list can help you decide if you need storage space. That way you will have enough time to find suitable storage space.

Declutter and get rid of unnecessary stuff

Each of us should, at least in theory, get rid of all the unnecessary things once a year. In practice, however, this is rarely implemented. Most people have unnecessary things, which only results in chaos. Over time, so many things come together that you are not able to deal with them. That is why moving is an ideal opportunity to bring order to your life and get rid of all unnecessary things. If you are planning to relocate and create a good relocation checklist, there is no excuse not to clean thoroughly before relocating. Moving things you don’t need doesn’t make sense nor do you benefit from it. You can either sell bulky furniture that you don’t need or schedule it to be taken to bulky waste. This gives you more space in the new apartment and the ability to arrange it as you wish.

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Get rid of old furniture that you no longer use and order new ones.

Plan the furnishing of the new home one month before the moving day

The tasks of moving from the checklist before moving do not only apply to your old but also the new home. Plan the arrangements even before moving companies in Gatineau move you into your new place of residence. If necessary, order new furniture. You do not have to wait until moving to buy new furniture, because often delivery can take up to two months. It is important to know what should enter which room on the day of moving. This type of planning will ensure that you are relaxed during the moving day. That way you will know what furniture and decorative items you need to take with you and what you want to replace. 

Submit a new address

In the chaos of moving you don’t want to forget anyone and anything. Make a special list next to the checklist list where you will list everyone you need to report your new address to. In addition to family, friends, and colleagues, this list should include all authorities and institutes as well as the bank, doctors, school, and kindergarten of your children, your clubs, and other institutions. In this way, you will ensure that everyone who needs to contact you will be able to do so.

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Reminder for things to do one month before your moving

In the end, we made you a reminder of what you need to do so that you do not miss anything as moving day approaches. About one month before your moving day, you should do the following:  

  • Register banks, insurance companies, and cars. 
  • Cancel or re-register various subscriptions and memberships. 
  • Organize care for small children and pets if necessary. 
  • Communicate new address one month before your moving day.
  • Plan the furnishing of the new apartment.
  • If you need people for your move and have already booked them, now is the time to check again whether everything is correct and to confirm the date or the data.

We hope that this one-month before-moving day checklist helps you cleverly plan the first phase of the move so you can stay relaxed on a moving day. Discount Moving and Storage Ottawa wish you a pleasant relocation.