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Are you thinking of buying or renting a property, but have trouble choosing between a house and a condo? Don’t worry, below is our short guide on what you can expect with each. Both houses and condos have certain advantages and disadvantages, and only when you know all of them can you make an informed decision. We know that the choice isn’t easy, but once you do choose, the moving part can be made simple. Contact moving companies Ottawa for professional and affordable moving services. Before we get ahead of ourselves, here are the main pros and cons of houses and condos.

Choosing a House

You may decide to choose a house over a condo if you value your privacy and independence more than you value easier upkeep. Additionally, almost every house is going to have more yard space than a condo. This can be a huge advantage if you like to have friends and family over for barbecues and similar outdoor activities. If you live in Kanata and decide to move into a new house, contact moving companies Kanata to take care of your moving needs. However, keep in mind that living in a house has some disadvantages, too. Let’s discuss some of them below.

House on a street.
Choosing between a house and a condo should only be done after you know all of the pros and cons.

Advantages of a House

One thing is certain, a house gives you more freedom than a condo. When choosing between a house and a condo you need to factor in how much you wish to redecorate. If you own a house, you also own the land it sits on, which is not the case with a condo. You can do with the house and land as you wish, while following the local laws and by-laws, of course. Additionally, a house gives you more privacy. You don’t share walls and other building amenities with anyone else, meaning nobody needs to know what you’re up to. Because you are likely to have a yard if you own a house, it can be easier to house your pets. Plus, you can organize the outside space as you wish. Whether you wish to have a small vegetable garden, a patio for relaxing, or a simple playground for your kids, a house can provide this.

Disadvantages of a House

There are certain drawbacks to owning a house, too. The first thing that needs to be mentioned is the higher upkeep. You are responsible for maintaining the house, nobody else. This means that if something gets broken, you are on the hook for fixing it. When choosing between a house and a condo you need to keep the financial aspect in mind. Local movers Ottawa can help you equip your house, but after that, it’s all you. Cutting the lawn occasionally may not seem like a big task. However, when this is just one of the many tasks you need to do, they can stack up. Think hard about how much time and effort you want to spend on maintenance before buying a house.

Choosing between a house and a condo.
Living in a house entails certain chores, like mowing lawns.

Choosing a Condo

A condo has certain advantages over a house, but also some disadvantages. If you don’t mind having communal areas that you share with your neighbors, a condo may be the choice for you. Moreover, your maintenance costs are likely to be lower than for a comparable house. However, you will have less freedom to do as you please. Choosing a condo over a house will lower some expenses and make day-to-day tasks easier but at cost of some comfort. Even if your condo is located in a small building and you are on good terms with all of your neighbors, you will still need to follow certain rules. Besides the local laws and ordinances, buildings have their own rules that you need to follow. Let’s discuss some specific advantages of condos below.

Advantages of a Condo

One of the main advantages of a condo is that you get help with maintenance. You still need to take care of cleaning and things breaking down, of course, but major fixes are left for others. For example, if you have a leaky roof you can contact the building manager or association to fix. Because you don’t have your yard, you don’t have to worry about things like cutting the grass and decorating. Choosing between a house and a condo is often a choice between more freedom and fewer obligations. Plus, you don’t have to worry about security as much when living in a condo. Naturally, you will still do the basics like lock your doors and close your windows, but setting up security cameras and hiring guards is not something you need to worry about. No matter what your choice is, you can call residential movers Ottawa to take care of your moving needs.

Disadvantages of a Condo

Living in a condo comes with certain disadvantages as well. First off, you don’t get to choose your neighbors. You will be sharing the walls and communal spaces with them, and if you don’t like them it is hard to isolate. A neighbor than blast music at three a.m. is much harder to deal with in a condo than a house. Additionally, you will pay association fees when living in a condo. These are payments made for the maintenance of the building and the different amenities. As these fees can get quite high, you need to consider them when buying or renting a condo.

Building with condos.
Living in a condo necessitates close contact with your neighbors.

What is the Correct Choice between a House and a Condo?

Well, there isn’t a right choice. Choosing between a house and a condo depends on what you are looking for. Everyone is different, and so are their priorities. In general, if you are a sociable person you may prefer condos. On the other hand, if you value your privacy, a house could be the choice for you. Regardless of what you choose, don’t just look at the buying or renting prices. Research what other fees and maintenance cost you will incur once you move in. Don’t forget to read the HOA or building regulations, too. Good information leads to good decisions. Happy house or condo hunting!