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Look at your kitchen. This is probably where you and your family leave mail, backpacks, and briefcases. Worktops can be clogged with appliances and electronics. And moving all those items with Discount Moving and Storage Ottawa is not a very smart idea. You should consider getting rid of some things. It is a huge task to clean out the kitchen for relocation. But, we promise, it’s worth it. So put on your favorite music and let’s get started.

Five steps to clean out the kitchen for relocation

Step 1: Set the timer

Even if you are moving with movers Gatineau in a couple of days, cleaning your kitchen cannot happen in one day. It’s best to work in half an hour increments. If you divide the task into several days, it will help you recharge your batteries and prevent fatigue from decisions that can quickly occur when you sort a large number of elements.

Before you start, collect some boxes for storing items for donations, items for sale, and items for moving. You will also need trash bags to sort the waste for disposal. Set the timer to 30 minutes and focus while the clock is ticking.

Ticking clock
Can you go longer? Sure. But if you look at your kitchen and feel that you have too much to do, start with 30 minutes.

Step 2: Focus on one area at a time

When you clean out the kitchen for relocation, it’s easy to randomly open cabinets and grab things, but this will quickly create even more chaos and confusion. The best strategy is to start with one drawer or one cabinet. Go through each item there and decide if it should stay or go. Again, try to resist the urge to run your way through the kitchen, sprawling at random. It is easy to be discouraged quickly if you do this.

Step 3: Inspect every item that you pick up

As you look around the kitchen, ask yourself the following questions:

What if the items were really expensive?

You may be stressed or worried about getting rid of certain items in your kitchen. For example, what do you do with that expensive bread machine that you bought last year? It cost hundreds of dollars, and frankly, you only used it a couple of times. Are you really going to kiss this money goodbye by getting rid of it? The answer is yes.

Often we have good intentions when we buy something. But if you do not use the tool or device on a regular basis, it does not have to be in the kitchen. It has no real value now; the money you spent is gone, and this does not help make your life easier. And you have several options to recoup some of what you spent. You can sell items on eBay or Craigslist, arrange garage sales, or donate items for a tax deduction. Or if you don’t want to get rid of them, you can always put them in storage Ottawa.

Kitchen appliances
Whatever you choose, it is certain that you will save some money if you clean out the kitchen for relocation

Step 4: Remove items that don’t belong

There are probably many things in your kitchen that do not belong there at all. One quick glance at your kitchen worktop can show three matchboxes, two coloring books, one unread magazine, a stack of letters that you still haven’t opened, a toothbrush, a can of anti-mite ticks and five rubber bands. The fact is that clutter attracts clutter, and kitchen worktops are notorious for being the main landfill for everyone in the house.

Put everything that does not belong in the kitchen in the box to move it after you finish it. Do not waste time moving; this is a task that is easier to complete as soon as the cleaning is completed. Better yet, delegate the moving task to your spouse, partner, child, or organizing buddy.

Step 5: Prevent cluttering in your new kitchen

Even the most sparkling, simplified kitchen will not stay that way without daily maintenance. That’s why it is so important to have systems to catch the mess as it comes – and it will come.

Start with what you and your family do in the kitchen. Yes, you cook and eat here. And what else? You can also use the kitchen to pay bills and search for recipes. Your children can do their homework while you are cooking. Your systems must match the tasks you do in this room.

For example, if you pay bills in the kitchen, select a basket or wall pocket for storing mail until you can sort it yourself. If your children do their homework or play in the kitchen while you cook, create a special place for them. Keep pencils, pens, notebooks, and other appropriate tools in a drawer or cabinet where they can be easily reached.

Kitchen organizer
Do everything in your power to group the items you need for various other activities in the kitchen

Donate or sell

As soon as you clean out the kitchen for relocation, either sell what you do not want or donate it to charity. You will finally get rid of this mess and make some money (or a tax deduction) to help offset your moving costs. And, ultimately, if you clean out the kitchen for relocation, your moving costs will be lower.