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The key to a perfect move is knowing how to properly prepare for a move. With good preparation and organization, stress and concerns will no longer be something to think of during your move. Every move is above all an organizational challenge. You must remember that moving is not just about packing up all your belongings, moving them and unpacking them in your new home. It is much more than that, it is opening a whole new chapter. In this article, you can find some helpful tips on how to get ready for moving to Stittsville.

Things to do before you move

Even before you move to your new home many things need to be done. Make plans and deadlines. If needed organize some helpers, Stittsville movers can help you with everything. Make sure that you clean up your garage, cellar, and attic. Make a list with all of your belongings that you need and which you will bring with you to Stittsville. Check and if needed plan any renovation work in your new home. Don’t forget to send the request for changing address, for your mobile phone bill and any other outgoing bills that arrive at your current address. Cancel old contracts, like a gym membership, and start looking for a new one when you arrive at Stittsville. If you have kids, take care of kindergarten or school places for the children.

Make a checklist – it will help you to get ready for moving to Stittsville

The checklist can be very useful when you are getting ready for a move. It will help you to complete every task. If you organize and plan your move, the stress on the day of the move will be reduced. Creating a checklist while packing in your old home and unpacking in your new home can save you headaches. Using a color-coding system to organize will make your move much easier. That way you don’t lose the overview and possibly forget individual details.

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A checklist can help you to get ready for moving to Stittsville

Avoid moving mistakes when getting ready for moving to Stittsville

One of the biggest activities when preparing for the move is packing everything. To get started with this time-consuming task, you need to have correct packing materials. You should think and calculate carefully how many boxes you will need and then buy a little more. This way you will avoid mistakes and you can have a stress-free relocation. You can order them online or find them in stores like Home Depot. Before you move to Stittsville, pack all the things you no longer need into removal boxes. This way you do not have to pack everything at once. You can donate items that you do not need to charity or give it to your friends.

Acquire the right packaging materials

First of all, you have to plan how many moving boxes you will need and not just the boxes.  If you decide to hire professional movers Ottawa they will have all the necessary materials. As well as these, you will also need adhesive tape, bubble wrap to prevent your objects from breaking, etc. Here are the most important packaging materials:

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Purchase moving supplies including boxes, tape, labels, and box cutters

Get to know Stittsville

 Stittsville is a suburban part of the city Ottawa with a population of around 41.000 is a perfect city to live in more peaceful surroundings. Before you move to Stittsville learn as much as possible about this suburban part of the city Ottawa. Go for a walk, in this way you can explore your new surroundings while walking. Get to know a nice local restaurant and local markets. Walk around, take wrong turns, talk to some locals, ask them for some tips, and see what you discover. Get to know locals. You don’t have to know everyone. However, it can be quite helpful to get to know a local person who can introduce you to other locals. Especially for people who often find it hard to approach other people, it is important to find somebody who can help you expending your circle of acquaintances.

What to do on a moving day

Get up a little earlier on the day of the move and have breakfast in peace before the stress starts. In this way, you will be well prepared for a stressful day. Everything that is not yet packed should now finally be put into boxes. Also, pack a transparent box to have the most important items always ready: medicine, toilet paper, mobile phone, and charger. To say goodbye to the old apartment for good, remove the name tags on the bell and mailbox.

Couple giving high five near pile of boxes
Preparing is the key to a successful and stress-free moving

The day of the move has arrived

You are finally there. Your new home. Your new city. Everything has paid off because you did the right thing by getting ready for moving to Stittsville. Now you can take a deep breath, arrive in your new home in peace, and arrange everything according to your wishes. Most of the work is finally behind you. You are settled and now it is time to do some exploring. By exploring your neighborhood it is a fun way to get to know your surroundings. Find out all the exciting adventures your neighborhood has to offer.