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Moving, as you know, is difficult. Each step in the moving process has its own problems and creates its own risks. Proper packing, of course, comes first in this regard. The proper truck loading is a close second, especially if you don’t get help from professional furniture movers Ottawa. Even a well-packed item can be easily damaged if it collides with another in a moving truck. Or if it falls during a sharp turn or sudden stop. In addition, an improperly packed truck will be more difficult to drive and therefore more likely to have an accident. Therefore, before you start moving boxes up the ramp of a rented moving vehicle, make sure that you know how to properly load a moving truck in order to maximize available space and minimize the risk of damage to your items.

What to do before you start loading a moving truck

As usual, proper preparation is as important as the work itself. In order to properly load a moving truck and ensure safe and unhindered move, apart from hiring a professional movers Ottawa, you must be well prepared:

Choose a moving truck of the right size

You need a car big enough to hold all your items. But also not big enough to be half empty — you don’t want to pay for space you don’t use. To find out what size moving truck is right for you, you need to calculate the total cubic footage of items that you have to move and check how much different trucks can carry. Keep in mind that truck rental companies calculate the entire space in vehicles in cubic feet. But it’s almost impossible to use the full capacity of the trailers since nobody can load the truck this way. Therefore, you should select a moving van with approximately 15% more storage space than the cubic footage of your items.

Loading a truck
Make sure that the car you rent is equipped with a loading ramp

Have all the necessary tools and equipment

To avoid moving day injuries and damage to property when loading a moving truck and to minimize the risk of damage to your items, you need to use suitable equipment for work – a moving trolley, furniture sliders, moving blankets, moving belts, etc. These simple, but very useful tools will make your DIY move much safer, easier, and more efficient.

Provide the best protection for your belongings

Use high-quality packing materials and safe packing methods to keep your things safe and sound. Put as many of your items as possible in moving boxes of the same size. Professional packing boxes are very durable and designed to be neatly stacked on top of each other, which helps maintain the integrity of the load. Make sure that all boxes indicate their contents, destination room, and necessary handling instructions.

Disassemble the furniture

Disassembling large pieces of furniture will make it easier to pack and carry and reduce the risk of damage to items during moving. It will also help use all the space in the truck and distribute the load more evenly.

Protect your property

Be sure to take some precautions so as not to damage your property, while transporting heavy objects and taking them out of the house into a moving truck. Cover floors and stairs with protective, non-slip materials, wrap the railing in moving blankets, use foam padding and corner guards to protect door frames and wall corners, etc.

Wrapping furniture
Also, protect your furniture so it doesn’t get damaged while you load a moving truck

Clear the path from obstacles

Ensure a safe “path” to the moving truck – remove debris, fallen leaves, snow, ice, dirt, and other potential hazards from the path between the front door of your home and the moving van. Remove potted plants, boxes, and other objects from the hallway and corridors of your home. Remove hanging objects, such as bells, pictures, and mirrors.

Ask your friends for help

Loading a moving truck is not one person’s job – you should never pick up and carry heavy objects by yourself. You risk not only injuring yourself and causing damage to your belongings and property but also spend valuable time and even lose money in the process. Having friends to help will speed up the process and make it safer and easier.

How should you load a moving truck safely and efficiently

The best way to pack a moving truck is to create a tight, evenly distributed load so that everything is balanced and your items are firmly fixed:

Moving truck
And now that everything is on the truck, you are ready to go

It takes a lot of time and effort to load a moving truck – the same as driving it all the way to your new home. You can save this time and avoid unnecessary risks associated with self-relocation by hiring professional movers Gatineau to help you move. But, whatever you choose, we are sure everything will go smoothly.