Moving to a new city is difficult for many reasons. First off, moving, in general, isn’t really simple. There are a lot of things to be organized, a lot of items to be packed, or otherwise dealt with. Life can really go haywire in those weeks approaching a moving day. However, once the move is over, some of us might have difficulties that persist and are a direct consequence of an otherwise successful relocation. In particular, one of those post-moving problems could be the question of social connections. If you are moving a long distance away, you are effectively leaving friends behind and have to make new ones. Therefore, let us help you make friends in a new city by giving you a few ideas as to how you could go around doing that.

Try to introduce yourself online

As we said in the introduction, even the best local movers Ottawa can only make sure that the pre-moving and actual moving goes good. Nobody can really help you with the period of adaptation that ensues, apart from yourself and tools you could use.

an open book - make friends in a new city
Maybe a book club

Speaking of tools you can use to make friends in a new city – social networks.

Now yes, we know what you might think. There is a certain stigma (and anxiety) over trying to meet new people online. There is a somewhat weird transition between being online and offline friends. To some, it can seem needy, and to others yet simply too much work. However, let us assure you that it is not as it seems.

Social networks, now more than ever, are not some kind of surrogate for real human connection. Rather, they are a way to increase and enchase social connections. This comes off as especially useful for when you are trying to meet new people.

And not only social networks, but apps too. While most famous meetup apps are those for dating, there are apps on a similar model that works for establishing friendships between people with similar interests. There is no good reason why someone would want to avoid this. After all, it is not like you are doing anything that you are not already doing at parties and gatherings in real life. It is simply socializing. The only difference is that you are new to town and have to start to connect via proxy first (well, you don’t have to, it is just convenient for most people).

However, should you choose this method, be sure to follow some basic security rules. Don’t disclose your private information, meet up at public places, etc.

Go to down to clubs and bars

If you are more interested in a more traditional way to make friends in a new city after your successful move with the help of long distance movers Ottawa, this is the way to go. In any city, there will be clubs and bars you can visit and meet people.

It takes a certain kind of individual to go down the bar and just meet new people by the counter, but you should try it, it is not that hard. While it would definitely present a problem to those who are not that extroverted, it is not an inherently bad idea. After all, you are hardly going to be the only one who will seek new friendships. These are places literary meant for socializing, and you should try and use that. Join a local bar, get a drink, and have fun. You will probably walk out with more friends than you had when you walked in.

Try out new hobbies in order to make friends in a new city

One of the biggest moving mistakes you can do is to think that it is all over after movers relocate your items. As you will soon find out, there are a lot more things to do after a move. Items to be unpacked, utilities to be established etc. Therefore, once you are actually done with the post-move mess you will be even more tired than immediately after the move. You will need to relax and get your energy back.

One of the great ways to relax is to enjoy your hobbies. Accidently, it is also a great way to make friends in a new city. Enjoy books? There is a club for that. Board games? Club for that. Motorcycles, collecting, etc – there are always groups of people that find similar interests to you and have organized a club of the sort. Be sure to seek them out, even for things that you perceive to be rather unpopular. Being around people with similar interests greatly increases your chance of making friends in a new city.

Brooklyn bridge
Healthy for both mental and physical health


Storing family memorabilia into your new storage unit might present a challenge if you are not in shape! In order to offset both physical weakness and lack of social contact – go to the gym! Start exercising!

Doing workouts will do wonders for your mental and physical health. It will also make you more confident and will bring you closer to people that have the same interest in as you do.

Have a pet!

Finally, if you just moved to a new city, there are locations you should visit. Dog parks. Yup, this is for the people who moved with dogs or other pets. If you haven’t, why not get a pet?

white dog on a leash
Walk a dog!

Not only are they loyal and will keep you a very loving company, but they will also be a great conversation starter with other pet wonders. If you already have a dog and are moving to a new city be sure to think of the:

In conclusion

In summary, there are many ways one can make friends in a new city. From hobbies and exercises to pets, clubs, and online activity. You have plenty of tools and ways at your disposal! Good luck!