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It is not easy to organize a garage sale in Gatineau, but you can learn basic rules. You should organize it before hiring movers Gatineau and end with that before packing starts. In that way, you will save time on packing, and get rid of stuff you do not need. Also, selling the stuff before packing and relocation will add a significant amount of money to your budget. It is always good to have unplanned money in your pocket.

Garage sales are very attractive and became a popular method to get rid of stuff. In situations when prepare for moving, it is always good to pack only necessary in bags. Also, you should not pack all damaged stuff, old furniture, or anything that does not have value for you. However, maybe that stuff will make happy some other person, so make sure that your garage party will be amazing.

Garage sale
A garage sale is a very comfortable way to get rid of stuff when moving

Organize a garage sale in Gatineau professionally

Like in any other job, you should plan your garage sale. It is not hard and usually, you will have time to prepare for it. You should organize it your way. You can make it to be a real party or classic sale with salesman and stands. However, there are a few things that you should prepare for and organize your selling professionally.

Organize well

A garage sale is not only putting things on the stand and wait for the people. It is good to make a plan, and choose places for everything. If you have helpers, include them in your plan. Everything should be on your list and well planned. Garage sale does not need to be in your yard. You can use a park in a neighbor’s or a friend’s yard. Discount Moving and Storage Ottawa will help you to remove large pieces of furniture.

Keep home safe

Do not forget that you will have a house full of strangers. You should protect your home from stealing, damaging, and other problems. Also, keep the house locked, or at least rooms inside. Do not put money in boxes in any circumstance. Tell the helpers to keep money in their pockets like you. If you want to remove or bring equipment for selling, professional commercial movers will be happy to help you.

Records in a box
There are a lot of ways to pack your stuff for selling and attract attention


Although you sell stuff out from the house, people would love to try devices or equipment before buying. It is hard to organize it and allowing them to come into the house every time is not safe. The best way is to put a plug-in inside of the house.

Donate the rest

It is good to have a plan for what to do with the things that nobody bought. If you have put them on the sale and nobody bought, you should donate it. There are a lot of sites and organizations. You can check the habitat for humanity Ottawa and offer it to them.

Be realistic in prices

Selling your stuff is tricky. You cannot know the value of them without professional help. On the other hand, they have high value for you. Your clients, though, will not pay that much for them. So, you should find a real price that will attract people. Keep in mind that it is the sale that will help you to get rid of stuff and make prices accordingly.

Organize a garage sale in Gatineau and attract people

Many people forget that garage sale will not call people to come. You should advertise it professionally. It could be hard if you are not skilled in that job. However, you can find great advice on the internet or ask friends for advice. After all, you can make a real market and make sure that your guests and buyers feel comfortable there.

A man at garage sale
If you organize a garage sale in Gatineau, make sure your garage sale comfortable

Put signs

Imagine that you pass through a street that is not familiar to you. How you would know that one house there has a garage sale? The best way to help your buyers is to put signs. They should start from the street and end in the yard. They could be funny and attractive.

Make a path for customers

Nobody likes to overjump things when buying. It is hard to avoid it when organizing garage sales, though. However, you should make a path through the yard, so people can see and touch everything. It could be an interesting project for you. To make a yard like a garden or play yard for children with stuff for selling.

Adapt and organize a garage sale in Gatineau for customers

Although you organize a garage sale to sell stuff, customers should be in first place in your sale. They have wishes, but also questions and advice. You should follow them and make sure that they feel comfortable. Do not forget that they actually help you so do not act like you are a disinterested salesman.

Put free items

Even though it is a sale, you should not ask for money for everything. There are a lot of things that you cannot sell. Those are usually magazines or fabric scraps. You can put them in a large and interesting box, or offer in packages, like a bunch of hidden things like a surprise.

Create comfort

Although it is a sale, you should not make it to be cold as in large stores. You should attract people to come and stay as long as they can there. So, put refreshments and play music. Also, be polite. People do not like crumby salesmen in any circumstance. Consider it as you organize a garage sale in Gatineau as a party. You will say goodbye to your stuff.