Moving to can be a nice experience… If you prepare on time! And in order to prepare for moving to Orleans, Ontario, the first thing you have to do is hire professional movers Orleans Ontario. And to further avoid unnecessary problems that moving sometimes brings, read the text below and find out what you need to do to make your move as fast, painless and high quality as possible.

What is important to prepare for moving to Orleans, Ontario

When you prepare for moving to Orleans, Ontario, it would be great to agree on the exact date of moving as soon as possible. Once you have determined the exact date of relocation, adjust other obligations, agreements, and plans accordingly. Search some of the moving companies Kanata and find the best relocation company for you. Moving to a new home and environment is stressful for both you and your family. If you have kids, talk to them in time about the reasons for moving. It may not seem like something to do with moving, but it is very important to teach children a new phone number and a new address.

couple - prepare for moving to Orleans, Ontario
Today we’ll help you to prepare for moving to Orleans, Ontario!

Get some moving boxes

If you need moving boxes, contact your moving company in Ottawa. They can get a sufficient number of boxes of various sizes. Use larger for lighter items such as clothes, shoes, bedding, etc., and smaller for books, dishes, and other heavier items. Also get some tape for closing boxes, as well as moving bags. You can get a wrapping foil that is great for protecting easily breakable things such as plates, cups, paintings, etc. You can get all the above-mentioned packaging from our company.

When packing, be sure to mark (preferably with a marker) the list of items in the box, and mark boxes with fragile contents separately. Show the new tenant (to whom you are selling or renting an apartment to) how to handle devices such as air conditioning, alarm, or some other device, if you leave them. Make a plan for the arrangement of furniture and boxes in the new premises to save time.

What you need just after the move

Prepare and pack the things you will need immediately after moving to Orleans, Ontario:

It would be great to agree on the exact date of moving as soon as possible.

How to prepare for transport

Provide parking in front of the building or house for moving vehicles if possible. If the street is extremely narrow or busy, consider moving at night or on Sundays. If you don’t have a place for placing your items, consider getting storage services. Storage can help you keep your items safe while you’re in the process of moving.

Decide what to keep and what to give away

Relocation is a great way to get rid of any extra garbage. Start to sort your items before the packing begins. Start by separating one (larger) “throw it away” box and one “give to the neighbors” box. You can also consider donating or selling some items. Once you start to pack, you will realize just how many items you have. You probably have things (clothes, tiles, lamps, toys, etc.) that you don’t need in your new apartment. Give them to those who need them and don’t drag extra trash into a new apartment. Toys can be donated, decent items can be sold at appropriate locations, and old blankets or rugs can be taken to a dog shelter.

Make one document box or folder

Get all the important documents and put them in one box or a folder. This box is something you should have with you at all times. Do not give it to your movers. You can also make one box and put money or other valuables. Here you can put all your gold or diamonds if any, and other valuables that are expensive or have a different value for you personally. You should also take this box with you. Do not put it into the moving truck, but take it with you to your car.

“Open me first” box

You can call it any way you like it, but moving professionals usually label it that way. Take one box and put anything you consider you will need on your first day. It can be anything from a first aid kit, toothbrushes and toilet paper, a set of changeable clothes for each family member, the most necessary products (sugar, salt, coffee, tea), towels, pet food and more important things. When you finish moving, you will only see the importance of this box.

You can get a wrapping foil that is great for protecting easily breakable things such as plates, cups, paintings, etc.

Disassemble the furniture

Don’t rely on luck and don’t be too lazy to disassemble the furniture before you move. In this way, you won’t have to cry over a torn sofa or broken table. There is no point in dismantling and hauling old plywood furniture – just arrange it with your neighbors or leave it near the landfill. Whoever needs it, will take it.

Additional advice

Don’t make big purchases a week before moving. You also don’t need to stock up on food – it just adds weight and takes up space in the truck. It is better to fill the refrigerator in the market near your new home. Prepare food before the moving day as there will be no time for cooking. You can also pack it in a cooler bag. Good luck!