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When you start packing for your upcoming moving, sooner or later you will get to the point and think that you need to protect high-end belongings during a move. That’s right – all the expensive and quality items you plan to carry will need to be packed properly in order to be moved without any damage. So, what can you do? You can simply contact the most reliable Ottawa moving company, or figure out how to do it on your own. Well, let’s discuss both scenarios, shall we?

So, how do you really protect high-end belongings during a move?

Packing high-end moving items can seem unclear and challenging at first, but you can master the job quite easily. In order to protect high-end belongings during a move, you simply need to secure your valuables. This means protecting your property from damage, and most importantly – eliminate any chance of damage when carrying items due to improper packaging techniques. Still, the truth is you can’t do everything on your own. If you have, let’s say, antique furniture – you really do need to hire professional furniture movers Ottawa to get all your heavy items into your home – safely and effectively. Thet’s just how things work.

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In order to protect high-end belongings during a move, you simply need to secure your valuables.

It is important to have proper packaging materials

To successfully complete the packaging process, you will definitely need the right packaging materials. The good news is that professional moving companies have the best packing materials. They also offer storage services that can be of great help during the move if you have any extra stuff. Now, let’s see what exactly do you need in order to protect high-end belongings during relocation.

Reinforced boxes

The packaging boxes that you use for the packaging of high-end items have to be made of durable cardboard so that they can protect your belongings and withstand the extra weight. Getting a solid cardboard box with multiple layers is always a good idea. When packing heavy, fragile items, you can even buy plastic or wooden crates for added security.

Protective wrapping materials

Your high-end household items will need to be well protected while carrying. Use multiple sheets of airbubble or thicker fabric to serve as pillows in case of accidental impact or fall during transfer. You can always ask any relocation company in Ottawa CA if they offer packaging materials.

Packaging boxes that you use for the packaging of high-end items have to be made of durable cardboard so that they can protect your belongings.

Soft packaging paper

Soft packaging paper can be very useful when packing smaller pieces of any delicate furniture. It is primarily used as a first layer of protection before using bubble wrap or furniture covers.

Quality packaging tape

Get several rolls of quality packing tape that will provide you with the necessary reinforcement for your cardboard boxes. With adhesive tape, you will also add extra protection when wrapping packaging materials around your larger items.

Prepare your moving boxes

Most small but heavy items you own – such as figurines, electronics, etc. – will go into boxes. Therefore, you need to make sure that the cardboard boxes that you will use to transport the high-end goods are ready to bear the weight. Here are some guidelines for preparing a moving box that you need to follow carefully:

How to safely pack antique furniture

As we stated before, it’s best to call professionals when moving larger and heavier high-end pieces of furniture. Still, when it comes to furniture packaging, the point is to disassemble different pieces of furniture so that they can be packed and transported more easily and safely.

  1. Disassemble beds, cabinets, dressers, bookshelves into parts, if possible. Check their installation manuals if you need or ask for help from professionals.
  2. Remove the drawers to make the pieces lighter, then remove the doors or panels (especially the glass ones).
  3. Protect all fragile parts first with soft packaging paper and then with a stretch foil. Also, consider placing thick cardboard over sensitive elements as additional protection.
  4. Wrap all disassembled pieces with thick furniture covers (blankets) that will serve as effective cushions to eliminate the risk of damage during transportation.
  5. Also, cover any remaining pieces of furniture with protective covers, then tape them with tape to keep them wrapped. Do not allow any packaging tape to come in contact with the surface of your furniture to avoid staining.
Check installation manuals if you have one or ask for help from professionals.

How to pack electronics properly

As technology develops, it becomes lighter and lighter – but also more sensitive. Keeping in mind the weightless condition, it may be difficult to believe how sensitive some items are… Especially when planning to pack and move your entire music or movie collection. In reality, when electronics are packed into a tight space, say in a box, they become more sensitive and can cause some problems for you on moving day. Always consult with movers before packing or deciding to move these items on your own. Also, check if they have additional insurance policy in case you need one. Good luck!