After you have completed the move, placed your furniture and other items where they need to go, you may think that your task is done; unfortunately, this is not the case. You still need to unpack and then figure out what to do with the boxes and other supplies you used for packaging your belongings. Once you start working, the task may seem daunting, but you can ask an Ottawa moving company for advice on how to get rid of the packaging supplies. Even better, why not reuse your moving supplies? That way, you are both environmentally friendly and can save some money.

Categorize Your Moving Supplies

Before you decide on how to best utilize your leftover supplies, they should be categorized. Generally, they can fall into the following categories:

Once you have sorted through your stuff and decided what you wish to do with them, you can start working on how to it. Here are some tips that can help you reuse your moving supplies. It may seem like a hassle, but trust us, you will get it done in no time.

Reuse your moving supplies.
If you have no use for them, recycle your boxes.

Recycle Your Supplies

Once you have decided on what supplies you will not need, the responsible choice is to recycle them, instead of just throwing them away. Find moving companies Gatineau and ask them where the recycling centers are in your new area. Cardboard boxes are easy to recycle, so it should come at no extra cost to you to have them recycled.

The only thing you should worry about when recycling is whether your local center does curb pickup or not. If not, you will have to deliver them; but that is the only effort you will have to make to recycle your moving supplies. In case you are moving an office, the amount of recycling material can be quite large – in that case as your moving company for help. They may even offer to recycle it themselves. It never hurts to ask. If, in the end, you do end up having to recycle it yourself, it would be wise to call the center up-front. They may be unable to take your load at the given time, but you can communicate when they will be available.

Reuse Your Boxes for Storage

After you have unpacked, it would be wise to categorize which items you will use on a regular basis, and which are rarely used. Additional storage space is always needed, and your boxes can be used as such. You can mark what items are located in which box and put them in a room you will not be using. This way, not only will you be effectively using your space, but you will also have organized your belonging so that items are easy to find. You could store seasonal clothes and items in the boxes – they are only used during certain periods and create clutter otherwise, if not stored properly.

Boxes for storage
Use your boxes as additional storage space.

Earn Money by Selling Usable Supplies

It may seem unconventional, but you can reuse your moving supplies by selling them. If you used the services of residential movers Ottawa, you likely have some supplies laying around. Regardless of whether you had unexpected moving costs and want to recoup some of your losses, or simply wish to make some extra money – selling boxes is your first step. There are certainly companies who deal in used moving boxes in your new area; contact them to see how much they are willing to offer you. After you have chosen a company that suits you, it may be wise to remember which company it was. The next time you need to move something, you could buy the boxes cheap from the same company. If you are having trouble finding a company that buys boxes online, contact your movers for advice, they likely know where to look.

The second step is to look around your new community. There are probably a few thrift shops or stores that buy and sell used goods in the area. Ask them whether they deal in used boxes. Even if they do not buy boxes, there is a strong chance that some of the locals have their own moving needs, and would be willing to take the boxes off your hands. Check the local newspaper or join a community Facebook group to help you in your search. If you still cannot find anything online, simply go to a local community establishment and ask around. While this is a good way to utilize your used boxes, you will also have gotten to know your new community – an added benefit.

Let Your Kids Have Fun with Them

As you well know, children can be very creative and have fun with anything! You can reuse your boxes to unleash your kids’ creativity (and possibly save yourself from having to clean up too much). Cut up the boxes and place them around the house to use as a canvas for drawing or painting. Instead of having to supervise the kids so that they don’t draw on the walls, they can get as creative as they like on their new canvas. Afterward, you can throw them away or even keep them as a memento. While we’re at it, why not join your kids for some finger-painting? The supplies you intended to throw away can be used as a means to bring your family closer.

Cat in a box.
Reuse your moving supplies to build homes for your pets!

There are additional family members that like boxes – your pets, especially cats. Cats adore boxes. A move can be stressful, and having to find a pet house on short notice is an additional task that you may wish to avoid. Not to mention that pet houses can be expensive and hard to get on a tight budget. Whether you intend to use it as a temporary or permanent solution, you can use your boxes to make a pet house. Cut up the boxes so that they let air flow and put something soft on the bottom, and you just reused your moving supplies to create a home for your furry family member!

As you can see, there is no reason to let your supplies go to waste. Use them for storage, sell or recycle them, or even use them for fun! Don’t you feel better when you can say that you reused your moving supplies, instead of spending additional money unnecessarily?