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Although moving to a new place can be fun, it is also often bittersweet. From coordinating logistics to packing your things and finding the right local movers Ottawa, staying on top of everything is not an easy task. Besides planning, you should also say goodbye to your neighbors and friends. And without a doubt, you will experience mixed emotions. For many of us, our neighbors become an extension of our families, and parting with them can be incredibly sad. To make this part a little less painful, take the time to say goodbye to your family and friends.

1. Host a dinner

Before the crazy packing takes your time, have an intimate, laid-back party to say goodbye to your closest friends and neighbors. If you can handle it, host it in your house. If this is too much for you, consider moving the fun to another place. Ask your neighbors if they can host your farewell dinner.

Having a dinner to say goodbye to your neighbors
Over a nice dinner, you can remember all the fun things you did together

2. Throw a party to say goodbye to your neighbors

You don’t have time to say goodbye to everyone individually? Have a party. If your house is full of a mess of all the packing, rent a space at a local restaurant or bar or ask your neighbors if you can have a party at their place.

3. Dine at your favorite restaurant

Part of leaving your old stomping grounds also means saying goodbye to some of your favorite eateries and local places. Kill two birds with one stone by booking a table in your favorite diner for a small group of your friends. A small group facilitates meaningful conversations with all your friends. In addition, it is easier on your wallet.

4. Have a picnic

For something more casual, invite your friends and neighbors to a picnic in your local park. Coordinate your actions so that everyone brings some delicious dishes, sweets, blankets, chairs, as well as some activities for children. Bubbles, balls and chalk sticks are an easy and fun option. This will keep children busy while you spend time with adults and say goodbye to your neighbors.

5. Plan an interesting activity

Most moving events are pretty tiring, with an endless moving checklist. Make a plan with your neighbors to have fun together. It can be anything from a day spent in bowling, watching a movie or a joint wine tasting. This is a great way to relieve stress every day and chat with neighbors.

6. Organize a packing party

We know what you are thinking. Make people come and work in their free time? Come on. This one is really reserved for those really friendly neighbors. Invite your friends to come over where they can help you pack. Or you can hire long distance movers Ottawa to do that for you so you can spend the day with your friends.

Hint: Before you go, take the things that you are going to donate or throw in separate piles. This way, your friends can effectively help you pack. When packing is done, order a few takeaway dishes or invite them to a local diner to chat and thank them for all their hard work.

People eating pizza
Having that quick snack can be a good way to say goodbye to your neighbors

7. Organize a playday for children

Leaving friends is very difficult for children, especially if you have lived in the same place for a long time. Although it will take your kids time to adapt to their new life, you can mitigate their sadness through a series of playdays until the moving day. Making a realistic plan with their friends’ parents can also help ease any sad or worrying feelings about your upcoming move.

8. Gift photo album

If you have lived in the same place for some time, you will most likely have tons of photos or videos from common moments. Organize a simple, memorable photo album and consider buying several books: one for you and the other as gifts for your neighbors.

9. Homemade gift basket

The gift baskets you buy are, of course, good, but if you make them yourself you can really personalize them. You can pick up baskets at a craft store for less than $ 1. Be sure to take the plastic film and tape too. Then you can buy a bunch of little things that you know they like, you can also include gift cards. If they have pets, perhaps include a treat for them. They will feel really special when they see how many thoughts you put into it.

10. Write a thoughtful letter

You may be very busy moving, you may not have enough time to say goodbye to your neighbors. If so, writing useful and meaningful emails or letters to your friends can be equally effective. Remember to share your new contact details with everyone!

11. Month clubs

Do you know that your neighbor absolutely loves chocolate? Chocolate of the Month Club will certainly be appreciated. Thus, every time they receive a new delivery, they will think about you. Many of these clubs offer quarterly deliveries, which are also slightly cheaper. If you have not watched these clubs, then get ready to be amazed when you see the creative opportunities that are available. Most are familiar with chocolate, wine, coffee and tea clubs, but some other popular options include bacon, cheese, cake, candle, cigar, cookies, cake, spicy sauce, jam, jerky beef, olive oil, salsa, popcorn, peanut butter, pasta, fruit and ice cream.

12. Make a plan to meet soon

No matter how you decide to say goodbye to neighbors, it’s important to find ways to keep in touch. In today’s digital landscape, it’s easier than ever to stay connected through social networks and email. If you are not moving too far, put a date on the calendar to meet in the middle for coffee or drinks. You are moving long distances? Make a point to schedule an annual meeting.

Skype call
Or select the usual time for Skype or FaceTime calls

One of the most emotionally charged aspects of moving is leaving dear neighbors. Although this is the sad part of any move, the right way to say goodbye to your neighbors is a wonderful opportunity to relax a bit and celebrate your amazing friendship. It is also a promise to enjoy new adventures together.