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So, you have finished your move and are now wondering how to settle after moving to Kanata? Don’t worry, the hardest part is over and Kanata is a lovely place to live in! You should have no problem getting used to your new surroundings and making them a home. There are still some things you need to take care of, but it won’t take more than 2 or 3 days. Take care of the necessary stuff, like paperwork and unpacking, first, so that you can start settling into your new home. Follow our how-to guide and you will see that becoming part of the community is as easy as pie.

Deal With the Paperwork

Yeah, nobody likes bureaucracy. Still, you will have to deal with it. Now that you have moved into your new home, you will need to make dealing with the paperwork your primary task. It may seem inconsequential at the moment, as you have many other things to do in order to settle after moving to Kanata, but if you don’t deal with it now it will cause you problems in the long run. You need to change your address. That means filling out a form at the post office. You will also need to update your bank information. You need to sort out the paperwork for your vehicles. Depending on how far you have moved, it might be a simple registration update, or you may even need to change plates. Next, you will need to transfer the utilities to your new home. This can be a complicated process and you may not know which utilities need to be transferred. Contact moving companies Kanata for some helpful advice. Because most of these things can be done electronically, it won’t be too difficult if you are prepared well. After you have dealt with the bureaucracy, it’s time to move on to unpacking!

Man filling out paperwork.
Deal with the paperwork first.

How To Unpack

Unpacking doesn’t have to be a stressful process. If you hired furniture movers Ottawa you know that all of your large items have arrived in one piece, so you don’t have to worry about any damages. Hopefully, you correctly labeled all of your moving boxes. This will make the unpacking process much easier. Professional movers will have placed all of the heavy items in the correct rooms, so all you need to do is unpack! Even if you are very organized at moving, don’t expect to finish unpacking in one day. Settling after moving takes time. The smartest move is to unpack room by room. Choose the most important rooms and unpack them first. Generally, these are the bedrooms and bathrooms. If you have children, make unpacking their rooms the priority. This will help them acclimate faster. First, unpack all of the large items, like beds, shelves, dressers, and desks. Obviously, you need beds to sleep in, while you can start placing items where they belong on shelves, desks, and dressers. 

Woman unpacking.
You need to unpack to be able to settle after moving to Kanata

After you have unpacked the furniture, start with the other essentials. This most likely includes clothes, beddings, and possibly your kids’ favorite toys. Toys may not seem that important, but if they keep your children occupied, you will have more time to unpack. You can leave the rest of the items in the boxes until you finish unpacking the other rooms. Unpack room by room until you get to the bathroom. Try to unpack the bathroom on the first day. It doesn’t take long, and you will need it. Leave the kitchen and living room for last. You can eat out for a day or two, and not watching TV for a while won’t harm anybody. After you have unpacked the most important things, take your time with the rest. After everything is unpacked you have finished the first part of settling after the move!

Help Your Kids Adjust

Moving can be stressful for children. Their whole world has changed and they may not understand why it happened. You need to help your kids settle into their new home. One thing you can do to help your children settle is to have them help you unpack. Let them organize and arrange their rooms on how they see fit. This will help them accommodate the new space. They need to feel safe in order to feel comfortable. Next, try to find some fun activities for them to do in your new locale. Moving companies Ottawa can tell you about local parks, pools, and community centers. Pets can be like kids, too. They need to own their new space to be happy. Keep them in the kennel until the movers have left, but then let them out. They need to sniff around and get used to the new space. However, if you brought their favorite toy and bed, they should quickly acclimate. Give them a few additional pets so that they know they are loved and they will quickly settle after the move.

How to settle after moving to Kanata.
Help your pets adjust to the new home.

Settle by Getting to Know Your Neighbourhood

Take a walk around your neighborhood. The best way to settle after moving is to make new friends. Greet your neighbors and ask them about fun activities in the area. You can organize play dates for your kids and build a support group. You can’t feel like you truly belong in your new neighborhood until you form bonds with the community. Your neighbors can tell you about all the small details that you can’t find online. Things like the best bakery, the cleanest gym, and the most welcoming pub are all things the locals know. Get them to share their experiences. While you are getting to know the neighbors, invite them to a housewarming party. You may think that after moving and unpacking hosting a housewarming party is the last thing you want to do. But, that is the best way to settle after moving to Kanata! It doesn’t have to be a grand occasion, just a little get-together to get acquainted with the community. Consider inviting the people from moving services Ottawa, too. They did make your move possible, after all. Most important of all, enjoy your new home!