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Moving bulky pieces of furniture is an important part when it comes to your move and it is perhaps the biggest challenge! This whole process should be very well planned and in detail organized. You need to be very careful and Ottawa moving company can help you so you can be at ease.  One wrong move can lead to furniture damage or even worse to serious injuries. Below you can find some tips and tricks to avoid these unpleasant situations.

Prepare your furniture properly for transport

Before you do any heavy lifting see if it’s possible to dismantle some of your furniture first. You can collect small pieces like screws in a plastic bag that you can directly stick on one of the individual parts. In case you didn’t save original instructions, you can either mark parts with a pencil or make photos on how to reconnect the parts. Make sure that you protect your furniture with a bubble wrap. That is the best way to protect it from any scratching or damage. Best would be if you measure any doors and staircase beforehand so you can be sure that the furniture can fit through especially if you cannot disassemble it. Try to get some extra equipment such as furniture belts, working gloves, and trolley.

Clearing out during furniture removal

No matter whether you move to another area of the same city, another city or even another country, the headache of moving large furniture sometimes is not worth it. When you move, the question can arise as to what will you bring with you and what will you disposed of, sell, or give away. Moving is a very good opportunity to get rid of all the things you no longer need or would like to replace with new items. You can have a garage sale for example.

Before you move you should make a clear idea of what you don’t need anymore. It is best to take someone close to you to help you with your decision. This will allow you to take a more objective point of view and make decisions making it easier. Therefore, more beneficial to your new home. The simplest and best solution for moving bulky, heavy, and valuable furniture into your new residence is with the help of professionals.

You can always sell furniture that you don’t need

Never carry bulky furniture alone

Whether it is a dining table,  couch, or an oak cabinet,  you should never carry heavy bulky furniture alone, but always in pairs, preferably even with more people. There are very good reasons for this. On the one hand, in doing so you are minimizing the risk of injury, as the weight is distributed over several people. On the other hand, you and your helpers can perform better and execute your tasks using less force. Since a move often takes several hours or sometimes even days, you should make sure that there is enough help available for even the very last piece of your heavy furniture. If you want somebody else to do your heavy lifting you can always hire movers Gatineau professionals.

Never do the heavy lifting alone!

Always lifting with your legs

It is extremely important that you lift heavy bulky furniture with your legs and not with your back to avoid injuries. To avoid compressing the spinal discs or straining your lower back when lifting here are some tips:

Make sure that you take breaks when moving bulky pieces of furniture!

A move always comes with hard physical work. It is very clear that as people get more tired it is more likely that an injury can occur. Therefore, it is necessary to allow your body enough rest in between. That way your helpers and you can recover from the heavy work. That is why, regular breaks are crucial, in addition to the right techniques for moving heavy bulky furniture. Make sure that you take a longer lunch break. During the break, you can offer food to people that are helping you. Light food and healthy snacks, for example, are best suited for your breaks. Always put your health first.

When moving bulky pieces of furniture always chose healthy food for energy!

Placing furniture in a van or a car

When you pack your van, store the furniture securely for transport. It is best if you place cupboards shelves to the side and tie them to the inside wall with straps so that they don’t fall during the ride. If you decide to transport some furniture in a car, the furniture must be well secured against slipping. It is safest if you use lashing straps. You can find many tips online on how to load a van or truck when moving.

Flat furniture, like drawers, the table can also be placed in the middle between the rest of your belongings and you can fill the empty spaces between blankets or different soft materials. Make sure that you close the door of the van properly so that you do not endanger other people on the road.

And in the end, if some piece of furniture stuck out than one meter over the vehicle, the load must be marked with a  light red flag. If you are driving at night, make sure that you use a red light and a red reflector.