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Moving from city to city like moving from Ottawa to Toronto can be very exciting. New scenery, new opportunities, and for some, the chance to get a new routine.  But a lot of people shy away from long-distance moves because they can be a lot of work, they are stressful, and sometimes quite expensive. 

With good prices and great service, Discount Moving will make your move as stress-free as possible.  

Planning your move & moving according to plan

With several factors included in a long-distance move, budgeting can be pretty complicated. You need to account for distance, time, type of move, the amount of cargo, and plenty more. 

Instead of worrying about additional, unaccounted costs, choose Discount Moving! Discount Moving provides you with a free moving quote that accounts for everything you will need for your perfect, stress-free long-distance move. 

We’ll help you come up with the perfect moving plan to make moving from Ottawa to Toronto as easy as possible.

The joys of packing and unpacking 

When making a big move, you have to pack everything from decorations to furniture. 

Our team can help you pack your belongings safely to ensure that nothing sustains damage during the long ride. We provide partial and full packing options to meet all of your packing needs. 

Our team knows exactly how to carry big, heavy objects safely and we have professional moving tools to ensure that none of your belongings will be damaged during the packing, unpacking, and overall moving process. 

No matter what packing option you choose, we will always load, transport, and unload your belongings with the care you deserve. 

On the road (again?)

The distance moving from Ottawa to Toronto is almost 450 kilometers, which is over 4 hours of driving. Making a move like this with professionals ensures that everything goes smoothly, no matter the day, and no matter the weather. 

Our drivers know how to safely drive moving trucks in wind, rain, and snow. Even when the weather seems to become too dangerous, we’ll follow your timeline. 

We have professional moving supplies to ensure the safety of our team and your belongings. Our team is properly trained and has years of moving experience. We make sure that your move goes smoothly and we’re prepared to help with all aspects of your moving from Ottawa to Toronto.

Temporary storage solutions

Often when you’re dealing with a move over a significant distance, there can be a gap between when people move out of one house and when they move into the next. During this time people will often stay in a hotel, but that only solves one issue… What about your belongings? 

Ottawa Discount Moving & Storage provides storage solutions to fit all unique moving needs.

We will store your belongings in one of our convenient storage units until your new home becomes available. And when you need us most, our team will be there to finish the move. 

No matter how much storage space is needed or for how long, Discount Moving & Storage is fully equipped and prepared to help you with your storage needs.

Why Choose Discount Moving? 

With almost a decade of great service and hundreds of successful moves, Discount Moving is prepared to help with all of your long-distance moving needs.  

We can help you with every part of your move, from planning and budgeting to packing, moving, and unpacking all of your belongings. 

Are you moving from Ottawa to Toronto? Contact Discount Moving to start planning your move today!