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When it comes to moving with children, you know that things can get rough. That’s why it’s best to call professional help, like our residential movers Ottawa. They will know how to make relocation easier. Still, if you are wondering how to make moving with kids even simpler, read our article below.

What’s the simplest way of moving with kids?

We can all agree that children are the most beautiful thing that has happened to us. Because of children, we change our lives, and we throw away our old bad things and habits. But, when it comes to moving with kids – is there a really easy way to do it? Well – yes and no. One thing that you need to know is that you will probably need professional help. And calling Discount Moving and Storage Ottawa will only make your life easier.

baby - moving with kids
When it comes to moving with kids – is there a really easy way to do it.

Still, if you are planning to move and have small children, and you do not have time to look after them while you are packing, loading, driving, unloading, unpacking and arranging things at the new address, you may have a small problem. That’s why a professional moving company can solve everything for you. You can take care of your children, play, and wait for the company to complete the move and let you know when everything is moved.

How can a moving company help you out

When you move your office, obviously you call the best office movers Ottawa. The same goes for when you move with kids: you call a moving company that will arrange your move from start to finish. They can do everything: from packing, furniture assembling and disassembling, wrapping fragile items in foil, packing in boxes, taking out furniture, transporting it to a new address et. Once they do this, they do everything again: unloading furniture, unpacking, etc. Some companies even clean everything and call you to come to a new address once everything is sparkling clean.

Here’s how to make relocation easier for kids

One thing you can remember no matter if you move to Ottawa CA or anywhere else: always have a box of toys on hand. That’s right, toys are definitely the last thing you need to pack when you move. One of the basic rules of moving is to pack items from each room in a separate box. However, you should always fill one box with the things you will need as soon as you move in. In this way, such box can contain pajamas, basic hygiene, slippers… Or about everything you would take with you when you travel somewhere.

You should always fill one box with the things you will need as soon as you move in.

Have their favorite things close by

As we said, when you move with children, you have to pack boxes with their basic necessities, where you will also pack their favorite toys. Make sure it is the box you will pack last and unpack first. It is best to keep that box at hand at all times. In that case, while you are driving and your children get nervous, you can open it to cheer them up with toys and picture books.

Slowly introduce your kids to the new neighborhood or city

Once you move, it is best to act like a tourist in a new city – even if you have just moved to the other part of the same city. Explore all the sights that the city has and visit them with the children in the first days after moving. In this way, your children will experience relocation as an adventure. Get to know the new city, the best restaurants, cinemas, playrooms, etc. In the first few weeks after moving, be especially patient with your kids. You can even be a little less strict and allow them things you usually don’s such as buy them toys.

Here’s a little plan on how to make your relocation with kids work

Call your moving company. Say what your situation is. For example, this can sound something like: “I need to move, we have small children. We have to take care of them, so we need help with moving. We are now at this address, we need to move everything to this address”. The moving team will then follow up with the agreement for the organization of your move. Try to mention all the important things in that first conversation. For example, if you have large pieces of furniture that cannot pass through the door, if you live on the 13th floor without an elevator, or if you have to vacate the apartment as soon as possible.

In the first few weeks after moving, be especially patient with your kids.

The more details you have about your move with kids, the more time you will save right away. As with any move (small or big kids involved), there’s just one golden rule. The longer you plan, the less time you need to work. So once the move starts, it is up to you to take care of your children, while the professionals will take care of your belongings. Don’t worry, they will know which item is precious, which set of plates your mother-in-law gave you as they have done this million times. They all know and will be waiting for your things at your new address.

Think in advance

While you are still planning everything, pay attention to the vehicles that are used to move your belongings. All companies more or less charge the same, but use different vehicles. So – choose a moving company with better vehicles. Why? Because you don’t want to wait until 11 in the evening to be told that the van is stuck on the bridge somewhere because it broke down. It’s one thing to wait on your own, but completely opposite when you move with children. So if the move isn’t big, choose newer moving vans, or if the move is bigger choose newer trucks. If you are not sure, ask about the condition of the vehicles, whether they are regularly serviced, whether they are maintained, and have all the technical conditions to be able to take things to your new address. Good luck!