Moving your business to a new city can be a tedious and time-consuming task for everyone involved. No matter if you move across the street, it’s still very stressful. However, it doesn’t have to be if you call Discount Moving and Storage Ottawa… You can even call us and just ask for a piece of friendly advice! So If you are planning to relocate your office, or organize the relocation of the company, you need to plan everything in advance. And to help you out, we made a list of 5 facts to keep in mind so read on.

Moving your business to a new city 101

When you are moving your business to a new city the first thing you need is – patience. Besides patience, you need to plan your moving budget. And finding the right office movers Ottawa can take time. So arm yourself with patience and plan how much budget do you have. Besides, you need to take care of all the small details from the beginning to the end of the office move. Of course, packing and moving an office is more stressful if you have a lot of things to move. So, here are 5 pro tips to ensure a smooth and successful office relocation experience!

office - moving your business to a new city
As you may know, moving your business to a new city can be a tedious and time-consuming task for everyone involved.

1. Make a good relocation plan

Before you even start searching for the most efficient moving companies Kanata you need to make a good relocation plan. Plan as much as you can so you can be prepared so that there are no last minute surprises! So, write everything down, either to a piece of paper or on your phone. This will make the whole moving process faster and easier. Remember – you can’t move an entire office in one day, no matter how much you want to. It is very important to plan in advance, ideally a few months in advance, in order to prevent unnecessary stress. Also, moving companies can be quite busy during the weekend, so you need to check their availability.

2. Gather a good relocation team

Are your employees going to help you out? Or you only have the help of a professional moving team? No matter if you are moving long distance or just next door, you need to know who will help you out. Besides movers, you can ask some of your employees for help. It is best to create a team that will monitor and manage all changes during the move. This team should consist of people from all departments, mainly administration, human resources, supply chain, and finance.

Of course, you need to inform your employees about the relocation months in advance. All employees should be familiar with the move. Depending on how big your office is, your team need to make appropriate arrangements for their day-to-day communication.

No matter if you are moving long distance or just next door, you need to know who will help you out.

3. Choosing a professional moving company

This is the most important step to follow if you want relocation to be done quickly and efficiently. You need to know that there is no way to move your business to a new city on your own. So check several companies that specialize in moving online and plan your relocation in advance. Ask about moving prices, services they provide, vehicles they use, etc. Many local authorities restricted the driving of heavy vehicles in the city during the day. If you are planning to move within the city then you need to plan your relocation to avoid those hours.

You should also check the rules in the buildings that you are moving to. Most commercial buildings have limitations when it comes to moving and relocation times. Check with both new and existing offices for the best time to move.

4. Prepare your office inventory

You should know what you are moving to a new location. That’s why it would be great to make an inventory. You can also create an inventory list with the help of the moving company you hired. This list will include items of all departments that will need to be moved. Again, if you are just starting your own business in a new city, you need to move some items. Think about what you will need and what are things you can buy in a new place.

5. Packing is very important

All important items must be properly packed and secure so that they are not damaged during relocation. There are different types of packaging for different items. It is important to choose the right packaging material. Think about the bulky furniture and heavy machines you need to move. You can always get professional packaging services that can help you.

There is no way to move your business to a new city on your own.

Of course, there are things that are more sensitive than others. In all offices, IT infrastructure is a very critical and important inventory. They are very fragile and you need to take special care during the relocation of electronic devices. Ask your movers to help you with choosing the right type of packing material and the right type of protection. You want all your things to arrive undamaged to a new city you are moving to.

With this, you also need to think about transportation your office material and inventory. When everything is packed properly, it is important to ensure that all things in the office are moved properly. This should be supervised by the office relocation team. In most cases, they will work on coordination and ensure that everything goes well. It is important that the moving team is available in both the new and existing office during the relocation process.