A pre-move measuring checklist can help ensure that you accurately assess your new home and plan for a smooth transition. Here’s an ultimate pre-move measuring checklist to help you prepare:

measuring tape

  1. Overall Room Dimensions:

    • Measure the length, width, and height of each room in your new home, including living areas, bedrooms, kitchen, and bathrooms.
    • Note any architectural features such as alcoves, bay windows, or angled walls that may affect furniture placement.
  2. Doorways and Hallways:

    • Measure the width and height of doorways, entryways, and hallways to ensure that large furniture items can fit through without difficulty.
    • Consider any tight corners or narrow passages that may require extra maneuvering during the move.
  3. Staircases and Elevators:

    • Measure the width and height of staircases and elevator openings, especially if you’re moving into an apartment building or multi-level home.
    • Determine if large furniture items such as sofas, beds, or armoires can be easily transported to upper floors.
  4. Closet and Storage Space:

    • Measure the dimensions of closets, built-in storage units, and pantry spaces to plan for organizing and storing belongings.
    • Assess the depth and height of shelves and rods to ensure they accommodate your storage needs.
  5. Kitchen Layout:

    • Measure the dimensions of kitchen cabinets, countertops, and appliances to plan for storage and placement of kitchenware and gadgets.
    • Determine the location of electrical outlets, water connections, and gas lines for appliances such as the refrigerator, stove, and dishwasher.
  6. Bathroom Fixtures:

    • Measure the size of bathroom vanities, sinks, and showers to plan for storage solutions and placement of toiletries and linens.
    • Check the height and width of bathroom mirrors and medicine cabinets for accessibility.
  7. Window Sizes:

    • Measure the dimensions of windows in each room to plan for curtains, blinds, or window treatments.
    • Note the height from the floor and the width of each window for accurate sizing of window coverings.
  8. Outdoor Spaces:

    • Measure the dimensions of any outdoor spaces such as patios, balconies, or yards for planning outdoor furniture and accessories.
    • Assess accessibility and any restrictions for moving large items through outdoor spaces.
  9. Utilities and Infrastructure:

    • Locate and measure utility access points such as electrical outlets, cable connections, and phone jacks in each room.
    • Check the location and size of heating and cooling vents, as well as any built-in fixtures such as thermostats or light switches.
  10. Miscellaneous Considerations:

    • Consider any specific needs or preferences such as space for a home office, exercise equipment, or hobby supplies.
    • Plan for storage solutions for seasonal items, luggage, and other belongings that may not be used frequently.

pre-move measuring checklist

By completing this pre-move measuring checklist, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of your new home’s layout and dimensions, allowing you to plan for furniture placement, storage solutions, and organization effectively. This will help streamline the moving process and ensure a smooth transition into your new space.

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