As Canada’s capital, Ottawa is the perfect place to collect new experiences and to make new memories. Ottawa is a very green city, you can find a lot of green spots in the city center as well. Taking an eco-friendly electric boat cruise on the Rideau Canal is more than fun and you will leave with a ton of impressions. Here you can find some suggestions on things to do for fun in Ottawa this fall. Now is time to experience Ottawa.

Explore Ottawa on a bike

So after you move and moving companies in Ottawa did they part it is time for you to go and have some fun. For all you bicycle enthusiasts, Ottawa offers more than 170 kilometers of bike paths through some of the city’s most attractive areas. In case you do not own your bike, there is plenty of places where you can rent one. You should equip yourself with a good mood, some water, and protein bars and go to an adventure of exploring Ottawa on two wheels. This is a great way to get to explore the city in an environmentally friendly way. Bigger city parks are only 10 to 20 minutes away from the city centrum. Many bike trails are taking you along the waterfront, the Rideau Canal, or the Ottawa River.

White bicycle road sign
By riding your bike, you can see Parlament Hills, Rideau Canal, the National Art Gallery, and much more.

Walk next to Rideau Canal

You moved to Ottawa or you are planning to move and you already arranged everything with moving companies Gatineau. Now you can explore the Rideau Canal that was opened in the early years of the 19 century. It is the oldest continual waterway in North America. This canal is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it is a beautiful must-see part of Ottawa. If you are a fan of walking, then you will absolutely love hiking around the Rideau Canal. To walk along this beautiful canal is wonderful and it is one of the things to do for fun in Ottawa this fall. Therefore, you should sit back and enjoy beautiful surroundings and the city along the way. Rideau Canal is a major tourist attraction, and it is definitely worth spending time on, or next to it.

Visit the Canadian Museum of History

Visiting a museum can be a really fun thing to do, especially if a museum is so diverse as a Canadian Museum of History. The museum is located directly across the Ottawa River from Parliament Hill. Here you can learn more about Canadian history and the diversity of its people. This museum explores the country’s rich cultural heritage. For instance, here you can find some of the outstanding achievements of the Aboriginal people. The museum covers more than 3,716 square meters. Do not miss to see the Canadian History Hall. Here you can find a unique exhibition of artifacts from the past that tells a story as great and diverse as the country itself. Take some time and visit the Canadian Museum of History. Breathtaking scenery and amazing exhibitions are definitely one of the things to do for fun in Ottawa this fall.

Visit Ottawa’s Parliament Hill

The splendid Gothic Parliament Hill sits in the middle of the city center overlooking the Ottawa River. It was first built in 1859. Therefore, you can find some very interesting sights here. For example, the “Centennial Flame”, a flame that burns continuously. There are three buildings that are called Center Block, East Block, and West Block. The Center Block is the main building and houses the House of Commons. Behind the block overlooking the Ottawa River is the huge Library of Parliament. The East Block is known for its Victorian High Gothic architecture and together with the Library of Parliament is the most original building on Parliament Hill. The building is home to the Parliament of Canada but is also a big tourist attraction. Certainly, visiting Ottawa’s Parliament Hill is a fun thing to do.

Watch a play in a theatre

In case if you are in a mood for fun but a more peaceful night, watching a play in a theatre is a great way to go. There are several Theatres in Ottawa. For example, Ottawa Little Theatre, The Gladstone Theatre, and the Great Canadian Theatre Company are just some of them. The selection of plays in Ottawa is big, and you can for sure find something for your taste. If you are moving to Ottawa with your family here you can find one of the best neighborhoods for families with kids.

Architecture room indoors auditorium
Watching a good theatre play can open whole new horizons to you.

Have a drink in a bar

If you are looking for some fun time in Ottawa, there are a lot of good bars and pubs where you can find it. In other words, you have a good choice when it comes to getting a drink in Ottawa. The best bars in Ottawa are in many areas, from downtown to the famous Byward Market. This way you can meet new people and make friends in a new city. Here are some of Ottawa’s best bars and pubs:

Woman pouring liquid from drink mixer
One of the things to do for fun in Ottawa is going to a bar.


As you can see there are plenty of things to do for fun in Ottawa this fall. You just need to decide.