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A great majority of people use fine china only on certain holidays. Since it is quite expensive, we would all like to keep it away from any kind of damage. However, in order to keep each and every item in perfect condition, you should know how to store them properly. We are going to give you a helping hand by providing you with several tips for storing glass and fine china. Once you read the article, you will know what to pay special attention to and you will know that your precious items will remain in perfect condition.

A woman packing an item
When storing your glass and fine china, make sure you get enough packing supplies

Remember to get enough packing supplies

One of the most important things you need to bear in mind is that you should have enough packing supplies. In case you do not get them, some of your items will probably get damaged. So, avoid making this mistake and feel free even to use some of the items you already have. For example, you can use your pillowcases, linen, towels, etc.

However, this can happen only if you are relocating. In a situation of this kind, you can always count on your movers to help you. Should you put your trust in the most professional movers Ottawa has to offer, you will not make a mistake. They will bring the necessary supplies and make sure all of the items are safe.

Think about where you are going to put them

If it happens that you have just moved in, you should find the least prominent spot. A cabinet or a dining room hutch seems like a perfect solution. However, if you do not have them, there are other solutions. For example, you can use your attic or your basement, only if the conditions are suitable. Other options you have are the space under the guest bed and an unused shelf in the linen closet. On the other hand, if you are relocating, it is probably a better solution to rent storage. Should you need any kind of help with this, your movers will surely be there for you. Ask them about their storage services and they will help you both pack your items and store them.

Unpacked boxes
By using smaller boxes, you will prevent your fragile items from getting damaged- the large ones are not suitable for this

When storing glass and fine china, use smaller boxes

Something that can easily damage your items is overpacking the boxes. Namely, if you use large boxes, you will have to use more packing supplies as well. If you run out of them, you will probably leave the box like that and the items will move around. In addition to this, the box will surely be heavy. It will be hard to move it around and you should also bear in mind that cardboard boxes cannot sustain that weight. Instead, feel free to find several smaller boxes. They will be much easier to manipulate and they can fit different parts of your home. The same rule applies if you are relocating. In a situation of this kind, rely on your mover to provide you with the highest-quality moving services Ottawa can offer. They already know what to do and how to do it in a situation of this kind.

Avoid exposing their rims

The rims are particularly sensitive and prone to damage. They are usually thin and colored and, if you do not pay attention to how you are going to store them, the color can be scratched off or the rim can crack. So, in order to avoid this scenario from happening, here are other tips on storing glass and fine china. First of all, avoid putting your plates upside down or leaning them to one side. Even if you have a separate shelf for this, it is not preferable to use it. Also, if you are storing your cups, you can hang them on hooks. However, if you are relocating long-distance, you should find a more permanent solution. For example, use soft items, such as bubble pack or your towels and linen. You can use the packing paper only for filling up the empty space.

A woman writing fragile on a box
Another very important thing you should bear in mind is that you should properly label the boxes- in this way, everybody will know they should be attentive

Use cardboard dividers and label everything

Cardboard dividers are quite useful when storing glass and fine china. They will help you organize your boxes and keep your fragile items away from damage. So, remember to get them or to use the ones you already have. Just bear in mind that you should not overpack the boxes and that you should fill the empty spaces. Another thing that is also important is labeling your boxes properly.

Of course, this applies to all of the boxes you have when relocating. However, the ones that contain easily damaged items should be labeled in a special way. This means that you should either use a special color for them or to write ‘fragile’ on all the sides. By doing this, even if you are not the one who will get boxes from storage, it will be clear that those boxes should be handled with great care.

Either if you are doing this for years, or it is the first time, storing glass and fine china is not easy. The process is quite complex because you should do everything you can in order to protect all of the items. As a matter of fact, if you were not familiar with some of the tips we have mentioned, now you know what you can add. Even if you will need a bit more time to get everything done, it will certainly be worth it.