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Moving is hard and complicated. With all the planning, packing, and searching for movers from Ottawa to Toronto, you can easily get lost in the process. It can become an unpleasant experience in a matter of seconds. Simply because there is so much to cover in a short time. And what is most important, is to have a safe and pleasant moving experience despite all the moving tasks that await you. So, treating your moving crew properly will help a lot. If you do it right, you will receive the same treatment and enjoy this journey alongside your moving crew. Let us cover this topic more thoroughly.

Prepare the environment first

The very first step is to assemble a moving checklist and prepare the environment so your movers can work without distraction. This means you should inspect the environment and figure out if there is a chance for moving mishaps. Then, inspect your furniture and your belongings and make sure to note everything down on your inventory list. This way you will realize the number of moving supplies required and prepare for moving costs better.

Customer Talking with Movers
Inspect your home and prepare your moving checklist. Your movers will appreciate a well-organized approach.

Your movers will highly appreciate it if you bring the basic info. With it, they will easily forge a moving plan and provide realistic estimates. More importantly, they will make your relocation cheaper and safer. Therefore, do whatever you can beforehand and bring enough information to your movers.

Your items should be packed and ready for moving

It wouldn’t be good if your movers in Orleans Ontario find that you are not completely packed when they arrive. From time to time they must roll an area rug and remove a few pictures off the wall. But if they must assist you with packing and this wasn’t agreed upon beforehand, it can be messy. You must know that movers are not obligated to help you with packing or with any stage that is not included in the moving contract. If they do, they will charge you later for the additional service they provided. Hence, to avoid unpleasantries, you should honor your side of the deal. Ensure you are packed and ready for moving before your movers arrive. Also, inspect your moving documents in advance and ensure you understand what you can expect from your movers.

Treating your moving crew properly is easy – think about their needs

Moving is hard and exhausting. The tricky part is that you can get carried away and miss out on the fact that you are hungry or thirsty. Therefore, you must always keep yourself hydrated. And think about your movers as well. Keep cold and refreshing beverages accessible for everyone involved in the moving process. Bottled water or freshly squeezed fruit juice is the way to go. Stay away from alcoholic beverages for obvious reasons. treating your moving crew properly is all about being the best host there is. After all, you would do this for any visitor, and in this situation, you will feel good after treating your movers the right way. And they will appreciate the fact that you are caring about their well-being.

A person pouring juice into a glass
A freshly squeezed juice will refresh your moving crew.

Supervise the process

A person pouring juice into a glass
A freshly squeezed juice will refresh your moving crew.

and help where possible

Your Ottawa movers are ready for the job. They have all the tools, equipment, and enough manpower for the job. But they can’t secure the parameter and close the street entirely. So, they will establish the loading dock most conveniently and keep the pavement walkable for pedestrians. This is where you can jump in and supervise the loading process and coordinate people who are moving through your relocation environment. You do not want anyone stumbling upon your mover and breaking something. More importantly, someone can get hurt and you want to avoid this at all costs. So, treating your moving crew properly is not only about being polite and helping them with hard labor. But it is about coordination and providing an extra pair of eyes as well. They will appreciate it immensely.

Rewarding is another way of treating your moving crew properly

On the other hand, you can’t think if your movers are hungry or not. It is a common courtesy to offer something to eat. But you should avoid preparing anything big. Simply because this kind of situation can be awkward and make your mover uncomfortable. Yes, you want to be a good host and invite them over for lunch. But consider that they shouldn’t have a heavy meal in the middle of the relocation. It will hinder their progress and create possibilities for moving mishaps. Everyone knows you shouldn’t perform any hard labor on a full stomach. Therefore, making a sandwich or bringing out some snacks will be more than enough.

A person making sandwich
Making sandwiches for your movers is more than enough to keep them happy and well-fed.

You can tip your movers as well

Finally, you can always skip the whole amazing host deal and simply tip your movers in the end. But be careful with this one because some movers are not allowed to take any tips. So, you should communicate this with your moving representative and ensure they are allowed to receive this kind of reward. And they can always refuse for various reasons. If this happens do not push further because it can create yet another uncomfortable situation.

And one more thing, you must ensure everyone receives a fair share. Maybe it would be best to give each mover 10-20 bucks rather than giving out 100 to a single person. Think about this one beforehand and decide what would be the best way of doing it. And remember, you are not obligated to tip your movers at all. It will be a show of gratitude from your side nevertheless.

Treating your moving crew properly is fairly easy if you receive positive feedback from the other side as well. You just ensure you are a good host and help wherever possible. You will surely get this one done and have a pleasant moving experience in the end. Good luck.