The relocation process is difficult on its own. However, unpacking with a baby can create an overwhelming situation. Here, you have to balance between being a parent and unpacking after you move in. Because of that, in this article, we will discuss ways in which you can unpack without worrying about your child.

Hiring professional movers Ottawa is a good way to make sure the moving experience goes as you plan it. Once the transport phase is done you will have to deal with unpacking. Unpacking on its own is a tough challenge. However, with a baby, you will have to have good organization.

a little girl running and screaming
Children are energetic, curious, and adventurous so make sure you fulfill their needs

Unpacking with a baby is manageable if you organize everything

If you are a parent, especially if you have a newborn, you will probably have to upsize your home. This is one of the main reasons families move and sometimes it can be a challenge. Moving with a baby will require you to plan everything and make sure that everything goes according to the schedule. Due to the baby being present while you unpack you will have to create a good plan to keep the baby entertained. Moreover, you must ensure that the baby schedule is not interrupted. Here are some things you can do before you move to help you soothe the process for the baby:

  1. Make sure you visit your new home with your baby, this will help her be familiar with it once you move.
  2. Pack a baby essentials bag. You might not be able to have everything ready in your new home.
  3. Prepare baby food for a couple of days. Setting up your kitchen might take a while so make sure you have all the food you need.

Cleaning your new home after you move in is very important. Especially if you are moving in with a newborn. Sanitize everything and make sure your baby enjoys her new home.

How to successfully unpack with a baby

Moving with a baby is a hard challenge to embark on. However, with good coordination and organization with your partner, you can easily finish this task without missing out on anything. If you are wondering what is the safest way to transport your belongings, consider hiring moving companies Gatineau to help you with the moving process. Having a baby around while you unpack can be overwhelming at certain points. Because of this, you want to make sure everything is ready and you are fully prepared for this task.

a woman standing behind a baby crib
When unpacking with a baby make sure that the nursery is the first room you unpack

Try not to interrupt the baby schedule

The baby schedule is very important. Interrupting this period can make the baby nervous or throw temper tantrums. These types of situations are easily avoidable and can cost you more time than you think. Baby nap and feeding times are crucial to maintaining and you should opt for solutions that will not interrupt these processes. While the baby is awake and active you can take some time to cool your head and have a bit of fun. Most importantly, this will ensure that the baby will not interrupt your unpacking process.

Unpacking with a baby means taking full advantage of nap times

So, once you ensure that the baby schedule is not interrupted, you can have a better insight into how much time you have. Moreover, you can plan out how to utilize the free time you have and make the most out of it. Since you will know how long your baby usually naps and how often, you can organize a solid plan of action for that time period. We understand that nap times are usually for you to get some rest, but in this case, you will have to push through.

Unpack the nursery room first and do one room at a time

In case you have been packing on a room by room method you will have an easier time unpacking. Basically, this means that you will know exactly in which box are the items for the room you unpack. Therefore, you should always opt for unpacking the nursery room first.

a baby having fun in a laudry basket making unpacking with a baby an easier task
When you allow your child to help you unpack you make one thing certain – that the items are out of the box

Having a baby around means that you have to be on alert at all times and the nursery provides the best solutions. By doing this first you will make sure that everything regarding the baby is set and ready to be used. After the nursery, we recommend unpacking the kitchen because you will need to provide food and drinks both for the baby and yourself.

Include the baby in the process

Babies are very curious and have an adventurous spirit. Because of this, it is likely that they will open boxes, take items out, and play with them. This is a great way for you to utilize the baby’s interest and allow it to participate in the process. By doing so you will allow the baby to partake in the family activity and it will create a fun atmosphere.

Feeding the baby’s curiosity will make the whole process easier for the baby as well. It will have a lot of fun digging through the boxes and finding new and colorful items to play with.

Consider hiring professional movers for the job

Unpacking with a baby can be done but it can also be made simple. Professional moving companies offer their clients a variety of services regarding the move. Amongst other services, they can offer you unpacking services. These services are very useful, especially if you have cribs and other furniture to move. Moreover, they can help you install the nursery room in the shortest period of time. This will help you have an easier start. Make sure you have everything planned out and keep the organization level on point.