There is no doubt that moving is stressful, chaotic, annoying, and generally extremely complex. It can be hard to believe, but even such a small thing like, for example, packing a moving essential box, can be of great importance and vastly simplify your move. The presence of all the items that you will need on the day of the move and in the first couple of days after the move will help you survive the moving chaos and quickly and easily begin your life. But, what should you pack in it? We have gathered a list of items that would be pretty useful during the first days in your new home.

What is a moving essential box?

In a word, your box with the essentials is a box or bag filled with important everyday items. Things that you need daily, which can cause endless problems if they are packed in boxes on a moving truck. Ideally, your essentials moving box should be kept in the car for the entire duration of the move. Or, if it travels with Ottawa movers, this is the last thing to pack and load, so you can unload it first.

Labeling the box
Make sure you label your essentials moving box, so your movers know which one it is

This kit will help you have everything at hand when you first arrive at your new home. No need to wait for the entire truck to be unloaded before you can drink a glass of water or use the toilet, which allows you to unpack things at a relatively leisured pace.

Why should you pack a box of essentials?

The essentials box has everything you need to survive the first night or even a week in your new home. Essentials boxes are useful, especially for moving over long distances, during which you can be separated from your belongings for a long period of time. While everything else is loaded into the moving truck and taken out, your essentials box should stay with you throughout the entire move. Even if you move inside the city, you can bring along a box for the first night. At the end of a long day moving and cleaning your old apartment, the last thing you probably want to do is bury through all your boxes to find what you need.

The essentials will be different for everyone, so think about what you will do when you first arrive at home. And make sure you have everything you need. Here are some of our ideas on what to put in the moving essential box.

What should you include in your moving essentials box?

Your essentials should include all those things without which you simply cannot live the first few days in your new home. This may include items from the following categories:

1. Toiletries and bath items

There is nothing worse than taking moving services Ottawa and moving to a new house, only to discover that there is no spare toilet paper. To avoid an emergency in the bathroom, make sure you pack a roll or two of toilet paper, as well as other essentials, including:

Make up brushes
Be sure to pack your makeup and other toiletries in your moving essential box

2. Bedding

Most likely, your residential movers Ottawa will help you assemble the bed in a new place. However, if you are moving across the country, your bed may not arrive two or three weeks after you move. If so, you might consider packing an air mattress and minimal bedding for the whole family. Planning ahead can prevent many expensive nights at the hotel. Here is what you can take with you:

3. Chargers and electronics

In the modern world, it is almost impossible to do without technology. Make sure you have everything you need to stay in touch while you wait to unpack after moving:

4. Shoes and clothes

Make sure you pack the bag in which you have all the necessary clothes for the first few days or weeks. If you immediately start a new job, you need to think about your professional wardrobe, as well as about your clothes for hanging out at home. In addition, if you go into an unfamiliar province, be sure to check the weather forecast to get enough layers! Here are some essentials you will need for each member of your family:

Towels to pack in a moving essential box
Remember to bring some towels with you so you can take a shower after a long day of moving

5. Kitchenware

Food can really add up, so if you are trying to save money when moving, planning to prepare the main meals in your new home can really help reduce costs. We recommend taking with you:

6. Cleaning products

Even if you are moving to a completely new place, it would be nice to clean everything just for peace of mind. Packing liquids is not easy, but it can be very useful to bring some basic cleaning items, such as:

7. Do not forget your furry friends when packing moving essential box

While you are busy packing for all your family members, remember to pack for your pets. There are a few basic things that will keep them happy and healthy in their new home until most household items are delivered:

8. Other random items

There are several other random items that may be useful right after moving:

It’s difficult to move around, but having packed a moving essential box will make surviving the first few days in your home much easier and more convenient.