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Both moving in and moving out require a certain amount of cleaning. You can do it on your own or search for help. Our movers Orleans Ontario can help you out, but you do need to do some amount of work on your own. So if you are not really sure where (or how) to start, here’s our ultimate easy move out cleaning checklist to help you out! Let’s start!

Do you really need the move out cleaning checklist?

In a word – yes! in two words – heck yes! Move out cleaning checklist can help you organize your time better during relocation. Of course, any professional moving companies Kanata can help you with the cleaning – both when you move in and out. But let’s see how to make sure everything is sparkling clean when you move out. It’s easy to make one, and it only takes 15 minutes.

clean - move out cleaning checklist
If you are not really sure where (or how) to start, here’s our ultimate easy move out cleaning checklist to help you out!

How much space do you have

The whole cleaning process depends greatly on the size of the apartment or house or office you want to clean. If you don’t have enough space, you can consider renting storage units in Ottawa. Also, try not to focus on the time you need but on the work schedule. In this way, you will be able to do things quicker and not run around in circles trying to look what next to wipe.

Start with the tricky corners

First of all, the place needs to be empty once you start to clean. Clean all corners of the ceiling or walls – use a brush or vacuum cleaner. If you have blinds, clean them as well, and check all fences, terraces, etc. Dirt gathers here quickly. Again. those are all parts where insects make their nests or nets.

Drapery cleaning and curtain washing

Remove all draperies, shake off dust and wash or take to it a dry cleaner. It doesn’t matter if you move out, you do need to wash your things before you pack. And once your moving company in Ottawa comes to your door, it may be too late. Shake the curtains first, remove any stains, then wash by hand or machine, depending on the material. Wash curtains made of cotton materials or a mixture of fibers in a machine, at a lower temperature. Wash the lace curtains by hand, do not stretch them and strain them too much, and let them drip on the dryer and spread them on a flat surface to dry.

The place needs to be empty once you start to clean.


Wipe dust off chandeliers, curtains, books, decorations, and shelves. The best way to remove dust is by using a microfiber cloth. For less accessible parts, use a powder that you have washed and dried. Set up your system to cross all surfaces in the place. Professionals usually start at the entrance to the room and move clockwise. In doing so, always start from the top – for example, the highest shelf, towards the bottom. Finally, wipe the dust off the plants, using a soft damp cloth.

Vacuuming floors and carpets

You may have to repeat this job once you move in, but it is necessary to do it on your moving out as well. To make sure the vacuum cleaner is working at its best, change the bag and clean all the filters. For safety, make sure the plug is firmly seated in the socket and never pull the vacuum cleaner so that the cable is taut. Do not vacuum items such as staples, hairpins, small toys with a vacuum cleaner. They can cause the pipe to become clogged and the vacuum cleaner to overheat, and even shorten its service life.

How to clean dirt that is stuck to its surface

The solution is simple: you should always have a small dirt cleaning tool on hand. It is ideal to get a small spatula (or more of them) and keep it handy in the bathroom, kitchen, garage. For resistant surfaces, use it to quickly scrape off dirt and stains, and on more sensitive surfaces use it wrapped in a cloth. It will always be stronger than your nail, and you will do the job faster and better. In addition to the spatula, it is useful to have something less aggressive – for example, a plastic knife (for scraping soap deposits in the bathroom) or a wooden spatula (for very sensitive surfaces).

Remove all draperies, shake off dust and wash or take to it a dry cleaner.

Protect cleaned surfaces

Many cleaning instructions do not talk about the main advice: how to save the cleaned surface from new dirt. Of course, not forever – but at least for a while. Thus, for example, polishing glass with old newspapers is not only convenient because the effect is fast and good, but also because it will be harder to “glue” new stains of water and dirt on such polished surfaces. Also, the scrubbed sink or other stainless steel surfaces should be coated with a little mineral oil and polished – water will simply “bounce” off such a surface.

Make a tidying or cleaning system and try to stick to it

A professional cleaner will never clean every room in a different way. On the contrary, the cleaner has a plan and you can easily make a checklist on your own, and then vacuums by pulling back towards the entrance. The system may be different for “quick” and “detailed” cleaning, but that only means that you actually have two systems. However, it is important to always stick to these work schedules because automation makes you more efficient and faster.