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Tips to help seniors settle into a new Ottawa home

Moving can be a significant transition for seniors, but with careful planning and support, they can settle into their new Ottawa home comfortably. Here are some tips to help seniors adjust to their new environment: Plan Ahead: Encourage seniors to plan their move well in advance. This includes decluttering their current home, organizing belongings, and […]

The ultimate pre-move measuring checklist

A pre-move measuring checklist can help ensure that you accurately assess your new home and plan for a smooth transition. Here’s an ultimate pre-move measuring checklist to help you prepare:

Moving from Ottawa with children: best places to move to

Finding the right city for a family move is not easy. However, if you know what to look for, your Canada relocation can be the best thing you ever did with professional movers in Ottawa. Moving from Ottawa with children is something you should plan ahead of time. When considering the change of schools, daycare, […]

Storing your seasonal stuff after moving to Ottawa

When seasons change, the usual practice is to change the location of your belongings. That is, to make the ones you are going to need more approachable. However, this cannot always be a good solution. The reason is that the number of items keeps growing and you are running out of space for all of […]

Tips & Tricks For Moving To A Studio Apartment

Are you moving to a studio apartment soon, but you’re not quite sure what to do with your items? Maybe you’re confused as to how your furniture will pass through the narrow hallways. Don’t worry – Moving and Storage Ottawa is here to help you navigate the transition. Downsizing always seems restricting and stressful, but […]

How To Inspect Your Ottawa Home Before Moving In

There are a lot of guides online on how you should go about making preparations for a move. Some offer help with finding movers. Others focus on packing. Others yet mainly focus on the price of the move or the other technical details. However, here, we will be focusing on something else entirely. Forgetting about […]

Searching for real estate in Canada

Are you searching for real estate in Canada, but you’re not quite sure if you’ve covered all the bases? Ottawa moving company will help you in your search for the ideal real estate! When we want to relocate our offices or homes, the places that we aim to relocate them to are sometimes rented. Looking […]

Using Storage During Military Deployment

When we talk about military life, we always think of relocation. It can be both moving nearby or relocating overseas, you are always on the move. That means moving your home, leaving your friends or family, changing the environment – everything can change so quickly and so often. Therefore, you have a lot of things […]

What To Unpack First After You Move In?

Since you have left your old home and have had your belongings transported, you have completed a greater part of your relocation. However, it does not mean that all of the tasks are completed. Quite the contrary- you need to unpack your belongings and make your new house a home. In order to do this […]

Household repairs after the relocation: what to expect

First off, we would like to congratulate you on your move. It is not every day that people decide to move to another home. The moving process can be hard, so you should take your time finishing it. But, there are still some things you need to think about, and those are household repairs after […]