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Moving home is sometimes more stressful than divorce, breakup, or a new job. However, it really does not have to be this way. You may not think that “fun” and “unpacking” are two words that combine with each other. But they can with a little strategy. Although moving home is considered one of the most stressful actions you can take, there is no reason why you cannot have some fun while unpacking. Therefore, we give some useful tips to make your unpacking process fun.

Can unpacking in a new house even be fun? It could be … if you do it right! For those who have hired Ottawa movers and moved recently, the idea of unpacking can be as stressful as packing and leaving home. However, here are some ways to make unpacking after moving more fun!

Plan in advance

Unpacking can easily become a disappointing process if you don’t plan ahead. If you want to facilitate unpacking when moving to a new home, you should consider this process at the packing stage. For example, you should pack boxes by the room so that you do not have to move to different rooms to unpack things.

Unpacking kitchen
Make sure you label moving boxes so your movers know where to put them

We also recommend color-coding. For example, you can use a red marker for the kitchen, blue for the bedroom, green for the bathroom, etc. You can also use markets to draw symbols on boxes, which can make it easier to determine what box goes in which room. Moreover, you might consider sticking a copy of the symbols on the doors of your new home so that the moving team knows where to place the box.

Set up a floor plan

It’s easy to get confused during the unpacking process, as movers Gatineau will not know where to place the furniture. If you pay movers hourly, it might be wise to draw a floor plan showing the furniture that belongs to each room. This should not be a work of art. But a simple sketch for every professional mover will make the unpacking process much easier. This way you can leave the movers to bring heavy furniture while you start unpacking the boxes and arranging your new home. This will not exactly make your unpacking process fun, but it will certainly make it easier.

Transfer your clothes in your furniture

Do not pull your clothes out of the dresser or wardrobe to pack them in boxes. It may be easier to leave the clothes where they are, so that your furniture movers Ottawa can transport them with the furniture. This means that you will have less unpacking and you can easily get the clothes you need.

Pack the overnight bag

Unpacking often takes a lot of time, especially if you have a lot of things. Therefore, you should consider packing your overnight bag so that on the first evening you have immediate access to any clothing, pajamas, and toiletries. This means that you don’t have to search through endless boxes to find the items you need. If you are moving with your children, you should also pack a bag for each of them so that you can easily start a life in a new house. Also, do not forget to bring a first-aid kit with you, because when transporting heavy objects from A to B, it can be easy to cut your finger or injure yourself.

Overnight bag
Having an overnight bag can leave you more time to make your unpacking process fun

Bring the first night supplies

You can make the unpacking fun as you enter a new phase in your life. If you are moving alone, with your partner or the whole family, you should consider the unpacking process as a holiday. So, pack some first night supplies allowing yourself to enjoy the first night in your new house. For example, you could bring a bottle of champagne for a toast to a new chapter in your life, as well as tasty treats for children. In addition, since you will be so busy throughout the day, you can always treat yourself or your family with dinner, as you may be too tired to cook on the first night. With the first night treats in your bag, you will get something that you can’t wait for while packing. See it as a reward for all your hard work.

Make unpacking a game

Children can easily get bored while unpacking. They may not know what to do or where to stand, but they will surely want to help. You can make the unpacking fun by making it a game. For example, you can challenge the kids in the race to see who can unpack the boxes the fastest. Without breaking anything, of course! If this does not work, you can always give the children a bubble pack to occupy their time and mind.

Play music that makes you smile

Moving home can really be fun if you allow it to be. So make your unpacking process fun and play upbeat music that will make you dance and sing while bringing the boxes. You can play music on your phone, through the speakers of your iPod, or simply by turning on the radio. To make it truly special, you can create an unpacking playlist that has songs for the whole family.

Listening to music to make your unpacking process fun
Remember to include songs that have been proven to make you happy

Do not forget awards

Unpacking boxes can sometimes seem like an endless story. However, instead of viewing this as a difficult battle, you should reward yourself. So, treat yourself to a drink or snack after going through five or so boxes.

Make your unpacking process fun with a checklist

Organizing is key when moving home, as it can simplify the unpacking process. So, if you want to make the unpacking fun and relieve stress from experience, we recommend creating a checklist. This will allow you to set priorities so that you know exactly what you need to do from the moment you enter the new property. You will feel great when you move down the list, marking each completed task.